#BuildNewcrest: Day 38

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 38 (Household Income: §14,585)

Yesterday my daughters came home from school announcing they were A students. Junior didn’t get an A and become angry with their news. Eventually he cooled down. I know he has it in him to get an A. He’s a chatterbox, so he might just need to quiet down and listen to his teachers more.

As morning arrives, I ask Juju to come to the kitchen with me. I’m not sure what was with her tantrum yesterday about breakfast, but it could be because we had the same thing the past few days. It could have also been she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. But she did come home with an A grade. So, I don’t really know.

I ask her what breakfast should be. She says she was in the mood for bacon. Obviously I am not just going to make bacon. I say we’ll have eggs too. She replies with scrambled. Scrambled eggs with bacon it is.

Side Note: I put the breakfast choices in a Randomizer. That is how the breakfast was chosen by Jubilee.

I even made toast. We all enjoy our breakfast together.

Junior says he is going to bring home an A today. That’s my boy.

Then the triplets go off to school. They take after me I see. I wear the same clothes to work. My lucky outfit. They must have one too.

I have today off from work, but not Clare. So, I see her off.

After she leaves, I go for a jog. I see Megs again in my jog. She’s in a different running outfit this time. It throws me off guard and my practically run right through the hedges next to me. How embarrassing. She chuckles as she runs by.

Side Note: Why Joseph was running along the very edge was beyond me. He did it the whole way. I had to add humor to it.

I take a shower afterwards. I do like showers over baths. Especially when it came to living outdoors on a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I liked making myself clean. I enjoy a long shower though.

I spend more time working on my backyard wedding venue. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

I have myself a quick snack.

Then I buy a television so we don’t have to listen to music all the time. The kids will be happy.

When the triplets do get home, I find out Junior got his A. I knew he could do it.

I let them know I have a surprise for all of them. But first they must do their homework.

After, I show them the television. I turned on the Kids Network and soon they were all distracted.

I make dinner while they watch a show or two.

When Clare gets home, dinner is ready and we all sit down to eat together. Clare kept her work uniform on so the kids could see it since they never have.

Then the wife finds out about the television through the kids before I could tell her. She didn’t seem mad. She was probably thrilled too.

My wife and kids went back to the television watching after dinner. I wonder if this actually was a good idea. I don’t want them watching too much television.

I decide to go online and catch up with my social media status postings. I share the news of my wedding venue and tv set.

Then it’s everyone’s bed time. First the children.

Then the adults.

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4 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 38”

  • First, yeah to Junior for getting that A. I knew he could do it! And second, oh my gosh…I think it is so funny that Joseph is fixing something else for breakfast. I didn’t read ahead and so funny that I commented on this the last chapter. I love the idea of a randomizer for choosing what to have for breakfast. Great idea!

    I love the shot of Joseph in the wedding area…it’s almost like he is thinking of the future. It’s a very thoughtful pic. Love it.

    • Isn’t it weird how you can call things before you see it happening? lol

      Glad you are enjoying the “wedding planning” scenarios.

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