An Easy Tent and a Chill Cooler

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Fall

An Easy Tent and a Chill Cooler

With winter around the corner, Dante uses some of his earned simoleons from digging and fishing and selling those collected items to buy a tent and cooler. Wolfgang Munch and Morgan Fyres had found an unused space on The Crumbling Isle. Dante was too cooped up in the penthouse and wanted to know what it was like to live without luxury. He had been camping out under the stars for awhile now. But he could tell snow was coming and needed a more secure place of sleeping rather than a bench or the grass.



  • Fitness (5/10)


  • MySims Trophy – Buddy
  • MySims Trophy – Jenny
  • Striped Dirt Frog

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