Joseph Simself v1.0

“You there. I see you looking at me. Do you want me in your game?”

Hello! Would you like me, Joseph Simself (LegacySims2017 on the Sims official forums), in your game? Of course you do. Below will be instructions and other tidbits on getting me into your Sims 4 game.

  • You’ll have to download me from the Gallery. Open your game and then the Gallery. Type in my handle name LegacySims2017 in the EA Account ID. You will need to tick the custom content box in the left menu for it to show.
  • But before you do that, I’d like you to download the custom content I used so I look perfect in your game. It will be in a zip file. When you unzip the file, a folder will appear with all the content I use and then a little more as I don’t know every piece I used, but it will all be in the folder for sure. In the folder will be skin tones, new hair, tattoos, and some PG13+ stuff you’ll have to come across yourself. There is also a ReadMe.txt file I would like you to glance at as well when you unzip the file.

About My Sim Selfie:

  • My Aspiration in the game is to be Fabulously Wealthy – I want to get rich and have a successful career. Something I wish I could do in the real world.
  • My ideal career in the game is Business (Management branch) as I work in Administration in the real world. But if you have Get To Work, I wouldn’t mind being a Detective. Or if you have City Living, I’d like to try the Social Media career with the Internet Personality branch.
  • My traits in the game and I’d prefer you to keep are Ambitious, Active, Good, and Business Savvy (from the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration).


  • My favorite color is green. Dark green more than light green if possible, but I’ll take either. Black is my second favorite color. Combine the two and you’re all set.
  • I own one black baseball cap. I’ll wear it on occasion to places. Mostly I wear when running/jogging. I wear it both forwards and backwards. The choice is yours.
  • I’m not too fancy on jewelry, however I do wear a ring and watch in real life and in the game. In the game, the ring is on the wrong finger. Find one for the index finger (preferably black) and you’re all set.
  • I wear glasses, but not a whole lot. Typically I will wear them with my all black outfits. But you choose the time and place in your game.
  • I’m a big fan of t-shirts, both long sleeve and short sleeve. Somewhat tight. I will wear a sweater now and then in the winter time. The choice is yours in your game.
  • I don’t use exercise equipment, but I do run and jog a lot. I manage 15k – 20k steps a day. Keep me away from those exercise equipment in your game. Make me jog and do sit-ups and/or push-ups if you need to.
  • I don’t like wearing shirts or socks to bed. Even in the winter time. Call me weird, it’s okay. All my default sleep wear in game don’t have those. You want the true me in your game, you won’t either.