1.01: The Reboot (Meet The Founder)

(If you’ve followed along Plain ol’ Legacy before from December 2020 to August 2021, there unfortunately was a glitch that made me not want to continue that gameplay. The glitch was stuck to the gameplay itself and I couldn’t do a resave from a previous save to prevent it from happening. This is a run on a new gameplay with the hopes it does not have the glitch my other gameplay had. The concept is the same as before, only there is now a new founder in a new world — kind of like a multiverse.)

It’s time to follow the Sims around. See what their whims are. I’ll give them a little push with aspirations based on their traits. Then I’ll push them into careers based on their aspirations. Throughout their legacy, I’ll have to make decisions they cannot on their own and need my help.

I want you to meet Reese Duran. Reese was randomly created in Create-a-Sim. I didn’t choose his name, the game did with the random dice button. I didn’t choose his body type, the game did the same way in regards to his name. However, I did give him a custom content smooth skin tone update and some custom content body hair. I made him naked in all the clothing types and then moved onto his traits.

Clicking the random dice button for the traits, Reese rolled up Creative, Ambition, and Outgoing. I think this will be a nice easy start to the Legacy. I then moved onto Aspirations.

Before the Reboot, the founder moved from Newcrest to San Myshuno. I enjoyed the City Living aspect even though I didn’t dive much into it, so I thought it would be fun to start Reese in the city of San Myshuno. Therefore, I gave him the City Native Aspiration to start with. This gives him the Home Turf trait to go along with his other three.

I decided to leave the Likes/Dislikes empty for now. The gameplay will throw out notifications if the Sim in particular would like or dislike something. Depending on who the Sim is and how they are doing will reflect if I want them to like or dislike something at that time.

All his clothing you will see him in were chosen with the ‘Styled Looks’ option. I wanted to keep this as simple as possible. I do have custom content clothing, but I didn’t want to spend hours picking out clothes for Reese. I let the game do it instead. Future Generations I may choose to do custom content depending where they are living. But for now, picking premade outfits is the easiest way to go.

As this is not a Pinstar Legacy Challenge, I don’t have to worry about Reese being completely broke. But 20,000 simoleons isn’t a lot. I’ll have to find him an apartment he can afford. Next chapter will show what apartment Reese took over.

My plan is to have Reese meet someone to continue his Legacy all the while completing his Aspiration. My main goal for each Generation is for the founder and his heir(ess)’s is to make it to complete their Aspiration. Because it’s not a guided challenge, if the Sim does not, I don’t lose the challenge, because it’s not really a challenge. Again, it’s more of a gameplay and we’re all following along with a bit of commentary.

I am following a lot of talented Simmers who are very creative in designing Sims and Lots. I not only want Reese to meet the premades, but also some player created Sims as well. Potentially one would be his significant other. With that in mind, I will be putting some in vacant apartments as well. As Reese meets them, I will showcase who created the Sim he encounters if they are not a premade.

Thank you for checking out Plain ol’ Legacy, the reboot, and I hope you enjoy reading about the adventures Reese Duran goes on as the gameplay tells the story and we follow along.

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8 thoughts on “1.01: The Reboot (Meet The Founder)”

  • Welcome Reese! I’m glad you are starting in San Myshuno and the City Life aspiration is perfect – I’m curious if you head to the same apartment that Levi took – it’s my favorite of the ones you can afford starting out and I have used it many times – great if you have a growing family!

    Good luck on this one and let’s keep fingers crossed for no gameplay glitches – Not so dead sims running around is a bit much to handle!

    Not sure if you deleted Levi and Summer’s journey but if not, I hope they find a home somewhere here on your site. It was a fun read!

    Looking forward to what comes next!

    • Hey! Thanks for being first to reply on the reboot of Plain ol’ Legacy. Yes. Let’s all cross our fingers.

      I can give you a heads up it will not be the same apartment complex that Levi and Spica were in. I do have Levi and Spica saved as a married couple but with no children. I can definitely move them into the same complex as they were in before the reboot. I actually like that idea. Thank you.

  • Wonderful to meet Reese. Love the name. I like the start of San Myshuno again. Oh cool, so we might actually see Levi and Spica again. That is super cool. Well, good luck in your journey Reese. Looking forward to your story. 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment. Will be fun if Levi and Spica show their faces to Reese. We’ll have to wait and see.

  • City Living is such a fun pack. I enjoy San Myshuno and I love the festivals. I almost always remodel the lots though. Lizzie didn’t quite finish the City Living aspiration before Gen 2, which was her second aspiration after completing Bestselling Author. It’ll be fun to watch Reese complete it. Good luck with round 2 here! Oh and Duran reminds me of Duran Duran. 😆

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