1.1: Meet Andrew Duckson

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 1: Chapter 1: Meet Andrew Duckson

The place is Oasis Springs. An oasis nestled in the austere beauty of the western desert, this haven of eclectic culture is fringed by countless soaring palms, and lent vibrant color through impossibly lush landscaping. Oasis Springs offers relaxing retreats from the sun to any traveler who discovers it. This is where we meet Andrew Duckson.

Andrew is a young adult who is about to start a new journey in his life. Andrew is a tough guy on the outside, but tender on the inside.

He aspires to be as strong as he can be by working out. This helps with his high metabolism he has.

Andrew is very active. He likes to pump up other sims and get them into an active lifestyle. He’s also a bit of a neat freak. He’ll clean something up if it needs to be. That is part of his soft side. He’ll clean up after someone if it comes down to it. Which brings out the outgoing side of him as well. The more people he talks to, the more comfortable he becomes.

And now onto his legacy…

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