No Simoleons and No Skills

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Fall

No Simoleons and No Skills

Dante’s father and mother drops him off at the Lux Nightclub. The penthouse is located above the club. Lucifer figured Dante could figure out how to live if he was given a place to stay when needed and clothes in a closet. But Dante would need to learn to obtain simoleons on his own and to build skills to live a life of how he wanted.

His parents mention they will be watching him from afar, but will not interfere with his life choices and allow him to experience and create a life path of his own. They were willing to visit him anytime he wishes. All he would have to do is call for them.

Bonus Images

Little Falls Nook empty Lot


Careful where you put your hand!


Don’t text and dig!


Welcome Wagon


Sing us a song of a piano man!



  • Charisma (1/10)
  • Piano (2/10)


  • Sunflower Frog
  • Prehistoric Rock


  1. Dante will have collections of all the things he finds that can be displayed. If he receives duplicates of an item he has already collected, he will sell them for simoleons.

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2 thoughts on “No Simoleons and No Skills”

  • Dante is on his way. Copperdale doesn’t have a lot of collectibles around, and there are actually more in the town center area. However, there are a lot of fishing areas. Last year I did a short challenge called the Educated Run-Away Teen Challenge (on the forums) and found out a lot about Copperdale and the high school pack. Looking forward to more adventures with Dante as he discovers the world.

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