Plain ol’ Legacy

Hello friendly reader and Sims fans,

Have you ever wanted to play your Sims game without restricting yourself to rules? There are so many gameplay challenges to help Sims gamers to create fun stories. These are truly wonderful ways. But they soon can be repetitive in the end results.

I want to play my Sims game as it is. Create a single sim and follow them as they create their own legacy. They have their own wants and needs. Why not let them have it? I want to play the game where the gameplay tells the story, not tell a story and gameplay around it.

Plain ol’ Legacy is going to be exactly that. I’ll follow the founder and heir(s), and their family around and let them tell their story. Then I’ll share their experiences with you through commentary and a little fun.

I want to thank Shadami, CathyTea, and all those over on the official Sims forums for putting this idea in my head.

Are you ready to follow along in this Plain ol’ Legacy?

Journey along with Founder Reese Duran as he becomes a City Native to San Myshuno. Reese explores what it’s like to live in the city. He experiences the ups and downs living in an apartment. He makes friend and enemies. Reese learns new things.
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