Detention and a Night Out

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(100 Bae Challenge)

Dante Morningstar
Season: Fall

Detention and a Night Out

Dante gets caught skipping class by Principal Mei Prescott. She admits she gets bad vibes from him even from the first day of school when they met and orders him to go to detention after school. Dante is not impressed he now has to spend even extra time at school.

With all his high school woes Dante is going through, he decides to find more romantic interests to distract himself.

Bonus Images

Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time!


Dante’s mom asks if he would want a sibling.

Date with Morgan Fyres



  • Live Fast (Trouble Maker) – Pull a Prank 3 Times (3/3)
  • Live Fast (Trouble Maker) – Get in Trouble (1/1)
  • Live Fast (Trouble Maker) – Sneak Out to a Party (1/1)
  • Live Fast (Risky Business) – Ask a Sim Out on a Date 5 Times (1/5)


  • Charisma (3/10)
  • Cooking (1/10)
  • Dancing (1/5)
  • Piano (5/10)


  • Shinolite Crystal

Rewards Store:

  • Always Welcome

100 Bae Challenge

  1. Jeb Harris
  2. Morgan Fyres


  1. Because Dante is not living with his parents or has anyone else in the household, I had to cheat his Aspiration goal to Sneak Out to a Party.

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