One Month, One World, One Year Challenge

One Month, One World, One Year Challenge
(including the 100 Bae Challenge)

Welcome to my One Month, One World, One Year Challenge. This challenge was created by Karababy52 from The Sims Forums. I’m bending some rules a bit to make it more fun to play. I’m also adding my own rules to add to the Challenge. Below are the Challenge Rules + Guidelines I will be following as well as what I may bend to make it more fun to play and read.

1M, 1W, 1Y Challenge Rules/Guidelines

  • One Photo post Per Real Life Day with a short text summary.
  • One World per Real Life month.
  • The Challenge Sim MUST be a Teen to officially begin this challenge.
  • After three Real Life months have passed, the Sim will age up to Young Adult for four months; Adult for four months; and finally age up to an Elder for December.
  • Begin Rags to Riches style on an empty lot with 0 simoleans.
  • All worlds except the current world are off limits for travel. This includes attending festivals. Only worlds previously played are allowed for travel.
    (I will be bending this rule as I will also be participating in the 100 Bae Challenge.)
  • Newcrest is a ‘neutral’ world. Venues may be placed there for the Challenge Sim to use regardless of their current world residence.
  • Challenge Sims may take a vacation to Granite Falls, Selvadorada or Batuu if they can afford it. Rental lots in residential worlds are off limits unless the Sim has previously lived there.
    (I will be bending this rule as I will also be participating in the 100 Bae Challenge.)
  • Aspirations released with a world must be fulfilled first. May choose a base game or other pack not in the challenge aspiration to complete afterward.
  • The Challenge Sim may marry and/or have children. Aging up children is at a discretion.
  • School attendance is at a discretion. May cheat for grades or buy school projects from debug to increase their grade.
  • The beginning of each new month/world must start Rags to Riches style. The Challenge Sim may keep personal possessions, sell the rest and bulldoze the house. They may use simoleons from this sale and accumulated household funds to build or download a house from the Gallery.
  • If the Challenge Sim dies, it’s game over. May bring them back to life and continue by any means possible.
  • Occult states and Celebrity statuses must be removed when progressing to the next month/world.
  • Extra photos may be posted in a spoiler along with your daily post pic and short text summary.
  • May use Satisfaction points to buy reward traits. Money tree seeds are not allowed.
  • Lottery tickets are not allowed for purchase.
    (I will be bending this rule, but will remove the winnings once the next month/world begins.)
  • Beginning season and the length of days is your choice.
  • May participate in all default Holidays, modify, delete and/or add own.
  • Mod friendly challenge! However, please use discretion when using them. Mods that would be considered cheating to fulfill an aspiration in a vanilla game, should not be used.



I am also going to attempt the 100 Bae Challenge as a side challenge for this Challenge Sim. This challenge was created by social media sensation Kelsey (Dangerous) Impicciche. Some of these rules + guidelines will be bent to make the gameplay a bit more fun.

100 Bae Challenge Rules/Guidelines

  • The Challenge Sim has to have the Romantic trait. Romance is the name of the game. The Challenge Sim needs to knows a thing or two about romance to play the part.
  • Have a starter home worth 20,000 simoleons or less, the budget of the Challenge Sim when placed in a new world.
    (I will be removing the Challenge Sim’s simoleons to 0 once placed on a lot to add to the challenge.)
  • Lot must have the Convivial trait.
  • Reach level 10 of the Charisma skill.
  • The Challenge Sim cannot have a job or even a freelance career. Love is 24/7 and the Challenge Sim is fully dedicated to Romance.
    (I will be bending this rule. As this is a side challenge, some of the goals in the main challenge may require the Challenge Sim to reach a certain level in a career.)
  • If any of the Challenge Sim’s baes ask them on a date, they MUST stop what they are doing to go on the date!



There will also be some challenges I am going to add for myself to go with the One Month, One World, One Year Challenge and 100 Bae Challenge. This will get updated as I work on the Challenge itself and find new things I want to add to it.

My Own Challenge Rules/Guidelines

  • The penthouse that is a non-residential lot will be the Challenge Sim’s beginning spot each month as they start with 0 simoleons. It can look like it’s cheating, but the Sim needs a spot to perform their Needs.
  • The Challenge Sim will use available simoleons to build on the lot specified for the month. At the end of the month, the Challenge Sim will Move In one of their friends (and the family) and then move themselves out giving all the simoleons to the new owner(s) of the lot.
  • Each month, I am going to switch out a trait to another, except for the Romance trait. This allows my Challenge Sim to experience multiple traits.
  • The Challenge Sim can only date other Sims of the same lifestage.



Many who have played The Sims know that the characters in the game tell their own story during a gameplay. Sims Literature (SimLit) is fun when one wants to tell a story and use The Sims as their backdrop in creating characters. Because this is a gameplay, the characters will tell their own story and the reader can imagine how it the story is played out with some captions and brief summaries. The basis of this challenge is to show off one image a day for a year. These daily images will tell the story and have extra images and tidbits along the way.

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