#BuildNewcrest: Day 37

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 37 (Household Income: §13,916)

I attended my first Page Turners book club. It was a fun experience. I’ve got some reading to do now. I also worked more on my wedding venue in the backyard. I’ll continue to work on it my days off of work.

Before I serve the parfait, Hope decides to let out her feelings. All of them. And Juju looks like she’s going to murder the breakfast. What is going on this morning?

Side Note: When the family woke up, I got two notifications. Hope gets the Loud trait and Jubilee gets the Picky Eater trait.

And here comes Juju complaining about breakfast. At least she didn’t toss it all over the table or on the floor.

As Clare cleared the table, I asked the kids to go for that A now that they achieved a B grade. That’s when I saw Junior still holding his spoon. He said he wanted to keep it. I told him no. It goes with mom to get cleaned.

Side Note: I think it was a glitch. When Clare took the dishes, he still had the spoon in his hand, so it didn’t disappear with the bowl. Had to quickly screenshot it before it did disappear. Funny moments in The Sims 4 game.

At 8:00am, the triplets go to school.

Then at 10:00am, me and my wife head to work. I notice the mailbox flag up. I’ll check it out when I get home.

Now that I am home from work, I check the mail. Bills of course. It’s always bills.

Hope and Juju had some exciting news to share with me. They’re A students now! Way to go, Hope and Juju!

Poor Junior didn’t like that news as he’s still at a B. He got angry. I try and calm the little guy down. He’s going to get an A. I just know it.

I send them off to do their homework. I want to make sure Hope and Juju maintain their A. Even though I know Junior won’t want me hovering, I help him with his homework anyway. Plus I use this time to continue to send him happy vibes.

When Clare arrives home, I make dinner. I asked Junior what he wanted. He says mac and cheese. He stood by and watched me make it. I think his anger has subsided.

As we ate, Juju says this is really good mac and cheese. I tell her that her brother helped. He smiled. Good to see happy Junior back.

It was getting to be 9:00pm. We sit in the living room listening to music. I need more entertainment for these kids. Maybe I’ll buy a television tomorrow.

Me and my wife tuck the triplet in bed at 10:00pm.

As Clare gets ready for bed, I go online to do my social media status stuff.

Then I tuck myself in next to my Clarebear and fall asleep.

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