The Duckson Legacy

Welcome to The Duckson Legacy!
This is a SimLit story based around The Sims 4 game. It will follow the life of the Duckson family. The founder was created by the webmaster of this website. The story will also be a rotational storyline around the people and families the Ducksons encounter. But the main plot will involve the founder and heirs of the Duckson family legacy.

My goal is to create a story around Aspirations, Careers, and Whims. I have installed the MC Command Center mod and have used some cheats within that. Aging has been extended doubleĀ the original set game time. For instance, babies age up to toddlers within 3 days. I have upped the days from 3 to 6. Because aging will remain on, I wanted to make sure I have enough time to create a story. No money cheats used except if I need to add a household to an empty house that is more than what the household can afford. Absolutely no do-overs if an outcome happens unsuspectedly. It will make the game and storyline creation more fun.

I enjoy reading SimLit. From the stories on the websites I follow, I tried to find them on The Sims 4 Gallery. From there I have included some of their households into my game. If you see one of yours, shout it in the comments of that chapter. Advertise yourself and your website! I’m all about sharing. Sharing is caring!

I encourage you to follow this website as it will make it easier for your reading pleasure. I also would like to read any comments you may have: the good, the bad, and even the ugly. All I ask is that you keep it constructive. Explain why you like or don’t like a chapter. Help me become a better writer.


I use the Echo Family family tree for this Legacy if you want to keep track of who is who. Please be aware as the family grows, so will this tree. You will have the option to search for certain members of the family. I recommend using it if you see a Duckson or a face that looks like a Duckson if you want to follow their heritage.
The Duckson Family Tree



I. Generation 1

Chapter 1: Meet Andrew Duckson
Chapter 3: The Water Boy
Chapter 5: I’d Tap That
Chapter 7: The Dating Game (part 2)
Chapter 9: Going So Well

Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 4: The Big Bromance
Chapter 6: The Dating Game (part 1)
Chapter 8: The Dating Game (part 3)
Chapter 10: Is Everything Okay?

II. Generation 2

Chapter 1: A New Addition
Chapter 3: Makes Me Jealous
Chapter 5: An Outdoor Retreat (part 1)
Chapter 7: An Outdoor Retreat (part 3)
Chapter 9: Happy Birthday, Dad!
Chapter 11: Makes Me Happy
Chapter 13: Writer In Residence (part 1)
Chapter 15: To The Club
Chapter 17: Granite Falls Hermit (part 2)

Chapter 2: The Little Charmer
Chapter 4: Talk About Babies
Chapter 6: An Outdoor Retreat (part 2)
Chapter 8: An Outdoor Retreat (part 4)
Chapter 10: Who’s That Girl?
Chapter 12: The Lothario Twins
Chapter 14: Writer In Residence (part 2)
Chapter 16: Granite Falls Hermit (part 1)