The Webmaster

Name: Joseph
“I finally gave in and put my real name. Last I had it, it said Webmaster. Don’t ask for my surname, you’re not getting it.”

Sex: Perhaps
“Oh, I bet you wanted my gender. I’m a dude!”

Age: Adult
“I’m going by Sims standards here!”

Location: Planet Earth
“If you really must know, I live in Minnesota, USA!”

Favorite Color: Green
“PLUMMMMBOBSSS are green, too!”

Favorite Food: Mac & Cheese
“Homestyle made, not the grocery brands you buy in a box. Did you know Sims like Mac & Cheese also?”

Favorite Sims Version: Sims 3
“It should be the first version cause most of the time, the first one is always the best.”


Do you want to know something about me? If it’s appropriate and clean, I’ll add it to the list above.

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