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anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor


virtual people with moods that need to be controlled and desires that need to be satisfied

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Worlds Apart: 1.28: Make a Wish

It’s now the day after Winterfest. The holiday decorations are taken down. Today is the day Geordi ages up into an elder and the toddler twins age up into a child from toddlerhood. Since Geordi has work today, this will be his last day. I’ll have him go into retirement. This will also be the […]

Worlds Apart: 1.27: Winterfest

It is the last day of the autumn season, but winter has arrived again. Snow begins to fall steadily. Probably not enough to accumulate on the ground, but only time will tell. While Xochitl is still at work, the men and toddler girls enjoy a family dinner together. As the next day arrives, it’s a […]

Worlds Apart: 1.26: Early Graduate

With Harvestfest over, it’s back to work and school. Geordi has the day off, though. Vince should be able to level up in his Football Practice after school, completing his next Aspiration milestone. I am also enrolling the toddler twins into preschool. This morning in-game, Karmine also finally has her child. It’s a girl and […]

Worlds Apart: 1.25: Harvestfest

Geordi continues to work on the rocket ship since the wife and son are taking care of the twin infants. And with that, he finally completes it. It’s now test time. Geordi is able to upgrade the rocket ship to make it better, but I want him to be able to fly into space at […]