#BuildNewcrest: Day 39

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 39 (Household Income: §13,049)

Junior got his A yesterday. And I got the family a television yesterday. It was the big hit of the evening.

7:00am and it’s breakfast time. I decide to go back to the fruit and yogurt parfait. It does seem like the healthier choice.

Juju asks me if I’m going to have a good day at work. I tell her knowing I’m coming home to an awesome family, I will.

The triplets go to school at their usual time of 8:00am.

And at 10:00am, it’s the parents time to go to work.

I’m a happy man when I get home. My boss gave me a vacation day. And my kids were all happy too. They only have 3 more grade school days left. They turn into teenagers on their last day of grade school. Then they’ll attend high school. I can’t believe they are growing up so fast. I am happy for them, though.

It’s homework time. I encourage them to keep that A grade status going through Monday when they graduate.

I have silly kids. I guess since they are triplets they decided to switch rooms to do homework. Well, Hope and Junior did.

As the 3 finish up their homework, I turn on the television and watch a bit of news. There was a report coming out from the animal control. Listening, I hear that the Sim City animal control has cleared all towns to take in cats and dogs. They have already started the adoption process. Some cats and dogs got loose and might be roaming around different towns, but are said to be harmless.

I think I have an early graduation gift for my kids. Of course, I’ve always wanted a cat. And as luck would have it, I have tomorrow off from work.

Then the triplets invaded the tv when their homework was done. Maybe a new companion in the house will have them watch less television.

I start dinner around 6:00pm. Clare will be home in an hour. I’m making vegetable chili. I think I play with knives too much.

Dinner was ready when Clare arrives home. She decides not to change again since everyone, including myself, think her work uniform is cool. I think it’s hot, but I can’t say that in front of my kids.

And she compliments the chef on his cooking. I’m a Jack, or should I say Joseph, of all trades.

And to no surprise to all, it’s tv time again. My wife puts on a movie that is kid friendly.

As last night, I spend this time to go online and update my social media status. My followers are all excited about being able to own cats and dogs within Sim City now.

Then it’s bedtime for the kiddos.

And also for me and my Clarebear.



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4 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 39”

  • Haha… The cats and dogs announcement. Clever way to incorporate the new expansion. Aww… The awesome family comment. And the knife thing made me laugh a little.

    • I didn’t want to just throw a pet in there. It’s more fun with a backstory or other type somehow. I was excited tho to finally turn my actual cat into a pet sim selfie.

  • Oh, forgot to comment on the addition of the big purchase – the tv. Yah, it has it’s advanages and disadvantages, but so cool that there are strays roaming around. And congrats on the promo Joseph! Cats and dogs…hmmm….I think I may know what that graduation gift will be! Tee hee! A great day for everyone….and back to the fruit and yogurt. lol

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