Jungle Ruin: A Sims 4 I.S.B.I. Mini Series

Jungle Ruin: A Sims 4 I.S.B.I. Mini Series
Based around the Sims 4 Game Pack ‘Jungle Adventure’!


Follow Archaeology Scholar, Fox Fever, as he leads a group of adventurers into the jungle of Selvadorada. They will embark on a seven day exploration. Will they find treasure and can they survive the jungle’s dangers and obstacles?

What is I.S.B.I.?: The initials stand for I’m Surrounded By Idiots. It’s where the game player controls only one sim. Everyone else around him/her in and out of the household are put on autonomous and not be selected to do anything. Whatever happens is all part of the game. In Jungle Ruin, Fox Fever will be the one controlled. His expedition team of adventurers will not. The team will be in a group led by Fox Fever, so he can have them follow him around and he can interact with them himself. What they do on the expedition is up to them (or should I say, the game).

Goal: Can Fox Fever keep all his expedition team alive within the seven day exploration while uncovering the mysteries within the jungle of Selvadorada?

Special Notes: Selvadorada is a world, but also only a vacation spot. A sim cannot live in Selvadorada. Sims can take a vacation to Selvadorada from one to seven days. Jungle Ruin will take advantage of the full seven days.

Jungle Ruin
Jungle Ruin 2
Jungle Ruin 3: Couples Retreat (Coming Soon)