1.12: The Lottery

I still want Reese to try and win at one of the Karaoke Contests, but I really do think he needs to improve his Singing skills a lot. And he needs to practice more than just at a karaoke machine. Now, when he takes a shower for when his Hygiene Need is low, he can Sing in Shower. This should improve his skill as well. I just hope he doesn’t get a lot of water in his mouth if he sings out loud. *laughing*

I admit sometimes I sing the shower myself. And I know I’m not even that good. You wouldn’t catch me at a karaoke machine. I do like to sing to myself, though.

Today is Lottery Day in-game. I’ve never had a Sim yet in all my gameplays win, but I’ve seen screen captures from fellow SimLit writers and gameplayers that have with their played Sims. Reese buys himself a ticket. “Good luck, Reese!”

Reese did it. He got that promotion. But this promotion entails what direction in his career he should take. I thought long and hard about this staring at my screen. Should Reese go Internet Personality or Public Relations?

Internet Personality has Reese doing what he can do get more Followers. He would need to go in a direction with Simstagram and take a lot of pictures as well as do a lot of streaming.

Public Relations would have Reese advertising. He would go out and advertise people, places and things. He would get them noticed as well as himself.

Yes, this would be perfect for Reese. He could use the Festivals and other outtings as part of his work. Plus it pays more and he gets the weekends off still in Public Relations. His hours would be a hot mess as an Internet Personality. And his pay increase is less than as in Public Relations.

Reese is now a Public Relations Coordinator.

He got rid of that silly Clickbait Writer outfit thankfully. This is something I picture Reese wearing to work. Suit and loose tie with tennis shoes. By the looks of his Promotional Tasks, it might take him a little longer than what he used to on getting his next promotion.

I might have to see if Reese needs to invest in a laptop. I’ll have to do some research after this chapter in regards to his Promotional Tasks and Daily Task. I don’t want to have Reese buy a desktop computer just yet. Not sure if what he needs to do is possible on a laptop itself. If not, he’ll be making trips to the Library to use their computers.

For now, I do send Reese to the Willow Creek Archive Library. I figured he could read about Writing to get his Writing skill started. The book he is going to select off the shelf is called Writing Vol 1: The Conjugation Conundrum.

Reese reads for a good 2+ hours in-game time before his Hunger Need goes into the yellow. He really focused on the book. He only got a level 1 in the Writing Skill, but he’s 58% into getting level 2. I’ll probably send him back to the Library each day after work to read these Writing books rather than have him actually do any Write interactions. He blogs, he doesn’t write books. I want to save all that for if I ever get an heir(ess) in the Author Career or something similar.

Reese’s Daily Task now is to Network With Journalists. So, I put him at the computer in the Library to do just that before sending him home to eat. He’ll still Update Social Media Status at the end of each evening to gain Followers.

Around 10:30pm in-game, noisy neighbor Raj is at it again. This time it’s not music. It’s… well, you get the idea from the image above. Reese goes over and pounds on the door again.

But it’s not Raj who answers. Caleb Vatore comes to the door, and only wearing a towel. Geeta married this vampire! I’m guessing it was love at first bite? *laughing* I don’t even want to know the meaning behind Caleb’s thought bubble.

Autonomously, Reese lays it into Caleb. “Be careful, Reese! He’s a vampire, remember? He’ll bite your neck. You’ll have flashbacks about Vlad!”

Caleb Vatore:

I’m Sorry. You’re right, that was a bit inconsiderate. We’ll try to keep the noise down. Thanks for letting us know, good neighbor.

That’s a little too suspicious. Caleb being nice? Not buying it. “Watch your back, Reese! Or should I say neck!”

The next day while Reese was at work, The Lottery results were announced.

The results are in and the lucky lotto winner is …

Mark Eggleston!



Charisma (3/10)
Comedy (4/10)
Cooking (5/10)
Fitness (2/10)
Handiness (4/10)
Mischief (1/10)
Singing (2/10)
Writing (1/10)


New Relationship Profile(s)

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10 thoughts on “1.12: The Lottery”

  • That was a wonderful story, sorry Reese didn’t win the lottery fingers crossed that he may win next time. My sims have the same trouble they never win it either!!

    • Thanks for commenting. Before the Reboot, Levi tried a few times and never won. There’s always hope a Duran will win, even if it isn’t Reese.

  • Caleb is such a sweet vampire as vampires go though. XD I love that he just said oh yeah sorry. I forgot people have to sleep.

    • I never really paid attention with how Caleb interacts with other Sims. It’s nice if he is a good vampire. I still don’t trust that kindness attitude. šŸ˜€

  • Congrats on the promo for Reese. So, into public relations…that’s great! That Willow Creek library is a wonderful place. And then at night…more noise from the neighbors. Caleb married Geeta? I get it though…she figures she needs to be immortal before she ever might see Raj get married and have grandkids! lol Fun chapter! Let’s hope Reese isn’t in Caleb’s bad books.

    • Public Relations fits him the most of the two. Yup, Reese and more noise! LOL … I was hoping Raj had a girlfriend or someone over. I already knew Geeta and Caleb were married. We’ll see if Caleb tries to sneak over and try to bite Reese now.

  • Caleb is the nice vampire, so he hopefully won’t be any trouble for Reese at all. Too bad about the lottery and the karaoke contest – better luck next time. I had my played sims win the lottery twice in a row, so I’ve canceled it preemptively since then.

  • Public Relations. I approve. That’s part of my job IRL, and it’s my undergrad degree! Liking the outfit too. It fits. I’d wear something business like and then comfy shoes. šŸ˜†

    Caleb Vatore married Geeta? Ooo I am suspicious.

    • I like Reese’s work outfit as well. Beats his Clickbait Writer one. šŸ˜€

      Yeah, I’m wary of Caleb marrying Geeta.

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