1.13: Inhabitant

After work and after finding out he didn’t win The Lottery, I have Reese go to the Willow Creek Archive Library to continue reading his Writing Vol 1: The Conjugation Conundrum book. As he’s doing so, he gets a call from Willow. Why is she always an angry Sim? Someone else made her angry now. Since Reese was able to cheer her up with comedy at the Humor and Hijinks Festival, he thought some humor would work over the phone as well.

Willow Winters:

Ha ha! That’s a good one. Thanks for the laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine they say.

Friday arrived and so did the gremlins. One of my readers suggested that Reese call the apartment landlord and see if he can do anything to help fix all the utilities that have now broken down again. Nothing was showing up, so I did my research and found out that the landlord will only fix the apartment complex issues: trash, electrical box, water pipes, and rodents. All these other issues that Reese is having is his problem. Now I know, and hopefully the reader who suggested it learned something new as well in case they ever have a Sim rent this apartment in their gameplay. *smirking*

Therefore, Reese will repair what he can all the while trying to keep his Needs in the green before work. Sadly, he was only able to get the fridge fixed and have some breakfast.

I’ve never hired a repair service and was curious how big the bill was going to be and if they would come if Reese was not there. So, I had him call up a repair service right before he had to leave for work.

Soon enough, a repairman arrived and helped himself into the apartment. Of course, I left the door unlocked. That helped. The repairman went for the television set. I actually clicked on the toilet when I had Reese call. I wanted that fixed for sure. So, I am wondering if this guy is going to fix everything broken and rack up a huge bill for Reese. I am experimenting with this, so I’ll take anything that happens. After the tv, the repairman went into the bathroom and fixed the toilet, shower, and sink. He then finished off with the kitchen sink and stove.

Everything looks fixed up and in ship shape. Time for me to go, that will be 129 simoleons.

That wasn’t bad at all. I thought it was going to be somewhere in the thousands range.

The following morning it was a Saturday. No work for Reese today. He was able to sleep in a little. As he headed to the shower, I had him continue to work on his Singing skill in the shower. The more he practices, the better he’ll get. Then he can do the Karaoke Contest again.

As Reese was singing, he was able to reach Singing skill level 3. This also allowed him to complete the second Milestone for the City Native Aspiration and he was considered an Inhabitant.

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4 thoughts on “1.13: Inhabitant”

  • I think I might have suggested this…lol…shows how much I know about the City Living Pack and how often I had a sim live there. lol I am sure you already know that if you hire a handyman, they are at level 10 handiness skill, and they can mentor Reese while Reese does the work. Also, I know you are probably saving up with your reward points, but purchase free services, and then call that repairman anytime and it costs you nothing. But, gosh, that apartment, he has to move! lol Willow seems to have a lot of issues…lol…thank goodness to took to a joking reply. Congrats on completing the milestone! Reese is on his way!

    • Mentoring might be too much work. And I didn’t mind paying the 100something simoleons for the repairs. Moving isn’t a priority right now, but yes…Reese needs to find a better apartment eventually.

      Willow needs anger management. That’s all I got to say. 😀

  • Welcome to Inhabitant status, Reese! Willow’s call is funny. Poor girl. You’re right. Always seems angry. I had a rough day so somehow this made me smile. 🙂 I’m glad those two are friends.

    I always weigh it by how much skill does my Sim have and how much time it will take them vs. how much it’ll cost/ time it will take for a repair person. I do that IRL too. Most of the time I decide it’s worth the cost. 😄

    Glad it only cost 129 Simos. I would’ve expected a higher bill too. Fun fact, Parker was friends with their landlord in LASL. I think if you are friends you may be able to process requests faster or get other perks but I can’t recall what.

    • Aww, glad this chapter put a smile on your face after a rough day. 🙂

      That Willow and all her anger issues…cracks me up.

      I was happy the cost was low for a repair service. I don’t have to have Reese fix everything if the cost is like that. I’ll have to test again on a future gremlins visit. Have Reese fix a couple things and the repair service the rest.

      Reese hasn’t actually met his landlord yet. I was surprised I could do a Profile on him.

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