1.11: Karaoke Contest

Okay, this cracked me up. Electronic Arts came out with a Patch Update today (September 21, 2021) when I loaded up the game. The Sims 4 fix had to do with career outfits. So as Reese was about to go to work, he changed into the above outfit. I guess with Social Media, any outfit will kind of work, but this? I’m going to keep it because it’s really funny. I just hope other career outfits that are professional careers don’t end up with outfits like this or I will turn from giggly to upset.

At work, Reese is working on an interesting article but needs a good title for it to make others want to read it.  Sometimes you have to have fun with your blog to bring people to it, so he’ll want to create an attention grabbing title.

Bloggers weren’t happy with Reese’s method, but his article spread like wildfire.

Performance Gain – Large

I sense a promotion coming up.

Reese has almost completed his second Milestone in his City Native Aspiration. All he has left is to get his Singing skill up to level 3. It’s karaoke time. It was recommended by one of my readers to hit the Waterside Warble Karaoke Bar for young adults. Waterside Warble is also in Reese’s neighborhood, so it will be perfect for him to visit and check out the karaoke there. He visited the bar once already.

I had Reese take over the green room to practice his karaoke singing. It matches his pants. Plus green is my favorite color. I had him pick out a song and then let the game work its magic and Reese was able to gain a skill level.

After, Reese headed over to the bar area. He recognized two acquaintances, Anaya and Brant. But there was someone else he ran into who I was happy he started talking to. Reese sat down next to Elizabeth Landers. He saw her singing karaoke days ago in-game. Every time I wanted Reese to meet up with her, she had disappeared off the Lot.

Since Reese autonomously started talking with Elizabeth, I didn’t have to do a Friendly Introduction. It didn’t give me that option when I clicked on her. I think Reese did that on his own. “Way to go, Reese!” He had a music CD in his chat bubble. Maybe he mentioned he remembered her singing and how good she was. I forced a Get to Know. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Reese and Elizabeth autonomously chatted for about 2.5 hours in-game time. Just as Reese stood up, there was a notification about Karaoke Contest night. The two of them hugged and Elizabeth left the Lot. I wish I knew why they hugged. It’s a good thing, but Reese hasn’t hugged anyone before, let alone autonomously. Maybe she was wishing him good luck? This is when I realized the two had become Friend status.

Since Elizabeth left and Reese’s Hunger Need was in the yellow, I had him order up some Fish and Chips. After receiving his order, he autonomously went into the purple room and sat down. It was occupied by Hinata, whom he met days before. She was singing, probably for the contest. I wonder if Reese is checking out how good she is. But to sit there and eat is kind of rude. There was another Sim present. Not sure if he was sizing up his competition as well or was being there as support.

Later, Reese was sent back to the green room to sing. He’s only level 2 for Singing skill, so I don’t expect him to win this contest. Two others came in and started chatting with each other. Are they trying to distract Reese? Is he that good that others have to sabotage his singing? Or maybe they’re discussing how good he is? Only the game knows. *laughing*

Reese scored 5/100 points! The winner will be announced at the end of the contest.

Yeah, I don’t think Reese won this one. *laughing more* I am interested to find out who won, though.

The results are in and… Hiroko Maeda won the contest with a score of 64. Better luck next time! Come back Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday night at 8pm for the next contest!

Oh, I think Reese shall. He needs to get his Singing skill up.



Charisma (3/10)
Comedy (4/10)
Cooking (4/10)
Fitness (2/10)
Handiness (4/10)
Mischief (1/10)
Singing (2/10)


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4 thoughts on “1.11: Karaoke Contest”

  • Funny outfit for work, but maybe he was checking out a pirate-type restaurant for his blog or it was make-over day at work. Karaoke – love it for my sims. And isn’t it great that Reese meets Elizabeth and they become friends. Sorry, but I laughed at Reese’s karaoke score. Do you remember what song he sang? I have had sims go to that with no singing experience whatsoever and win it. But, Hinata looked really good with all the stars coming off of her. I am sure that Reese will be better next time, and singing skill also builds your fame.

    • Regarding Reese’s song, I don’t remember which one I picked for him to sing. I blame the two ladies who were chatting in front of him. They distracted him and then he got that score of 5. 😛 Here’s to hoping he does better next time.

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