1.14: Romance Festival

The Romance Festival has come to San Myshuno. Reese has four friends he’s interested in: Kristen Plum, Mandy Trammell, Elizabeth Landers, and Willow Winters. Perhaps he will see one or all four at the festival tonight in-game.

As soon as he arrived, Reese became Flirty. It must be the atmosphere. There’s a lot of pink with splashes of reds and purples. I like the rose pedals everywhere touch. There’s even fireworks to set off. I’ll have to have Reese set some off later.

I have Reese make his way to the tea table. Even though he is already in a Flirty mood, it’s recommended he grab a cup of delicious Sakura tea to put him in the perfect mood to mingle.

At the end of the Humor and Hijinks Festival, Reese bought a festival t-shirt he could casually wear or put on the next time he went to that festival. For the Romance Festival, I thought it would be fun for Reese to buy a t-shirt and wear it throughout the festival right away.

As I didn’t get to choose, it looks like Reese liked the blue one. It does match his eye color. Maybe pink was too flashy for him.

Elizabeth is spotted and Reese goes over to Throw Pedals to celebrate the Romance Festival. Then I have them autonomously chat for a little bit after I do the usual Get to Know interaction. There was no notification on what Elizabeth would share with Reese. As I mentioned in a previous chapter, it doesn’t always work. And sometimes other things are learned about the Sim besides what traits they have.

I did notice that autonomously, these two were doing Romance interactions as the little heart kept appearing next to Elizabeth’s head in the bottom left when Reese started an interaction with her. Because of this, the Romantic bar appeared showing they had a little romance between each other. They eventually become Good Friends.

I continued to let these two autonomously interact while I scanned the rest of the festival for the other three friends he had made. I wasn’t having much luck.

Reese and Elizabeth have been mingling for 4.5 hours in-game and I still had not seen any sign of Kristen, Mandy, or Willow. I was getting bummed. I was hoping he’d run into at least another.

I had zoomed the camera out a distance so I could keep an eye on Reese and Elizabeth while waiting and watching for others to show up. I immediately noticed something going on between Reese and Elizabeth, so I paused the game and zoomed in. What have we going on here? They were getting intimate, so I unpaused to let it continue to play out. I put my mouse over the heart showing the interaction and it reads First Kiss. Then the notification appears.

Elizabeth and Reese are both having their very First Kiss!

And this is done autonomously. It’s probably the Sakura tea at work, but I also think the game is telling me that these two belong together. Elizabeth never drank the tea, but she accepted all of Reese’s romantic interactions. And still after 5+ hours, neither of Reese’s other three friends showed up at the festival.

Their first kiss also allowed Reese to complete a part of his third Milestone at being a City Native. He had to Kiss Someone at the Romance Festival. The two continued to talk even more afterwards.

With just a tad over an hour before the festival is over, I have Reese say goodbye to Elizabeth and make his way over to the Romance Guru. I’m curious what she has to say to Reese. When he approached her, I had him Ask about Your Romantic Destiny.

Romance Guru:

Vibrations show a tall dark stranger in your future.

Maybe Reese has already met this tall dark stranger, eh?

I figured it wouldn’t hurt if Reese asked for the Romance Guru’s wisdom as well.

Romance Guru:

Love is often found in the place you least expect to look.

Well, this is the Romance festival, so she must not be talking about here. I’m curious if she is referring to a plan I have in mind for Reese to move forward in a romantic relationship.

Before going to bed for the night, Reese went ahead and got on his phone to Update Social Media Status.

Reese’s Social Media Status has been updated. Rejoice in knowing that you’ve gained 20 Followers. Reese now has 525 Followers in total.

So, even though Reese had a fling with Elizabeth at the Romance Festival, I am not ruling out his other three friends just yet. I may have to rule out Willow as she’s not dark haired or dark skinned. Hmm… but I am wondering if dark could mean her anger? This is going to be very interesting.



Charisma (3/10)
Comedy (4/10)
Cooking (5/10)
Fitness (2/10)
Gourmet Cooking (1/10)
Handiness (4/10)
Mischief (1/10)
Singing (3/10)
Writing (3/10)


Updated Relationship Profile(s)

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4 thoughts on “1.14: Romance Festival”

  • Ooh la la! That was one hot Romance Festival! Elizabeth and Reese sure turned up the heat, and even had their first kiss! Yes! Maybe fate is telling Reese she is the one. And I love the Romance Guru’s prophecy. Perhaps she will be right….or maybe there is another surprise sim waiting for Reese that we haven’t even met yet!

    • Elizabeth wasn’t glowing, so she didn’t drink from the tea fountain. But she still allowed all those moves Reese was making. I’m not sure if she was also making any moves as I was watching for any of the other created Sims to show up.

  • Aww that was sweet. I love when Sims autonomously tell me who they like. I’d like to see them interact outside the festival and see what happens romantically or otherwise. The Romance Guru is always a hoot. It’s fun to see what they say.

    • I still wonder if it was the tea or if Reese actually did like Elizabeth. I was too busy looking for other Sims to keep tabs on all the interactions. I don’t even know if Elizabeth made some moves on him as well.

      This was the first time ever, I had a Sim go to the Romance Guru. I found it entertaining.

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