1.10: Humor and Hijinks Festival

(As I was looking at the in-game calendar, I saw how close it was getting to Reese’s Aging-Up Day. Before the Reboot, I had lifespan on Long. After Generation 1, it felt like it was getting to be too long, so for the Reboot, I changed it to Normal. I feel this is too short. I decided to go into MC Command Center mod and customize the lifespans for each life stage to my liking. This way it isn’t too short or too long in my view.)

Reese looks content to go into work today. With the home assignments he had to do, he might be up for a promotion. Hopefully he works hard at work to make it happen.

At work, Reese sends out a survey to his team, but the responses are basically useless. His boss wants him to present the results to the whole team. Reese could just make up the findings, but he’s not that type of guy. He’ll push through and send out another survey hoping with better results.

While the team wasn’t happy to redo the survey, Reese’s boss was happy to see how dedicated he was to getting the correct results out to the team.

Performance Gain – Medium

That’s the Reese I know. “Good job, Reese!”

Reese also received that promotion as well. His new title is Clickbait Writer. His hours stay the same. Just a small raise and a bonus.

Now that Reese has been living in the apartment for a week, he gets to experience his weekly rent. Over the week, he’s been paying dues for over usage of water due to the Water Conservative Neighborhood Plan. He can’t help if the gremlins break his utilities. Hopefully that plan goes away soon.

The Humor and Hijinks Festival is in town!

Oh, good. Reese can celebrate by going to the Festival. I had him invite Willow Winters to go with. We both feel bad for Willow after what happened. Reese can show her it was all in good fun. She would meet him there. That’s good.

Maybe Willow will like it better knowing Reese is more of a Jokester than a Prankster. He really has a good sense of humor.

At the festival, one can drink from the Jokester table or the Prankster one. By doing so, that makes the Sim join that team as it is a sort of a competition on who is better. Reese and Willow have one of the drinks from the Jokester table signifying they are on the Jokester team.

Reese has joined the Jokesters. Perform Comedy interactions to gain points for your team.

Reese approached the mic for the Jokesters team and started telling jokes, but everyone was more interested in watching fireworks someone set off. Even Willow went to go watch the fireworks.

With that, I had Reese go buy some fireworks of his own. He has to set off three at this festival for his second Milestone, anyway. There were a few different types, so I had him buy all three and watch these in action.

Reese places it on the ground at lights it. Standing back, a blue light and sparks shoot up to the sky from it. Very pretty. Some other Sims came over to watch. Not so much Willow. She walked away and started chatting it up with others.

I have Reese go over to Willow and do some Funny… interactions to help Jokesters get some points and to increase the relationship between these two. As he does his best, Willow won’t get out of the Uncomfortable moodlet even though they are having a Casual Discussion. Reese did a lot of damage in that Scare prank. I’m happy they still have some green in the relationship bar. I just want Willow to be happy again with Reese.

Maybe the Bubble Blower will cheer Willow up. Reese and Willow head over to the one at the Festival. Using one of these is also a task for Reese’s second Milestone to becoming a City Native.

Once both Reese and Willow use it, things get better. Reese gets in a Very Playful mood while Willow becomes Playful herself. Now she’s no longer Uncomfortable. Much better.

Reese goes to light his second fireworks display since he’s got Willow in a better mood. But it seems this one turned out to be a dud…

…and blew up in his face. Poor Reese. Now he’s all dirty and smells like burnt fireworks. “You can turn that into a joke for Willow, Reese!”Β 

I let the autonomous discussion work its magic. They soon became Friends. Yes! I’m thinking the fireworks mishap helped a lot. That was Willow’s sweet revenge for him scaring her during Prank Day. Now she’s all better with him.

Not much time left of the Festival, so I have Reese light his last fireworks. This one went off like intended, but it seems someone else’s either backfired or other Sims got too close and now are charred like Reese is. *laughing*

Reese needs a souvenir and what better than a t-shirt about the Festival.

The Jokesters win! All Jokesters have received

  • A Comedy Mic
  • Fireworks
  • 500 simoleons

Congrats to Reese and the other Jokesters.

Reese heads back to his apartment for a steamy shower to clean himself up.

Finishing off the night before going to bed, Reese updates his Social Media Status.

Reese gained a few Followers while updating his Social Media Status. Reese has gained 20 Followers. He now has 170 Followers in total.



Charisma (3/10)
Comedy (4/10)
Cooking (4/10)
Fitness (2/10)
Handiness (4/10)
Mischief (1/10)
Singing (1/10)


Updated Relationship Profile(s)

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6 thoughts on “1.10: Humor and Hijinks Festival”

  • I enjoyed this chapter and the poetic justice Reese encountered. πŸ™‚ I hope his next outing with Willow goes better from the beginning, now that they’re kind of even.

    I also agree about age spans. Normal is too short and long is too long. It’s odd that they don’t let us do custom ages without MCCC.

    • I never expected these two to reach Friend status like they did. I think it was a mixture of whatever is in the bubble blower and what happened with the fireworks…lol!

      It would be nice if EA/Maxis allowed us to customize lifespans without a mod. Other things as well (such as height).

  • Wow! Can’t believe that Reese was supposed to age up already. Glad you changed the lifespan. And congrats to Reese for getting a promo, good job on getting that survey redone. The Humor & Hijinks festival is one of my favs. I usually have my sims join the Pranksters because the rewards are better, but since Reese was taking Willow, I agree, Jokesters was a better choice. I think she had enough pranks the other night…or maybe she decided to do a prank on Reese with the fireworks disaster. hehehe She did seem to be in a better mood after that. Sweet revenge is what I’m thinking. And the Jokesters win all the goodies and Willow and Reese are now friends. Bonus!

    • Reese was getting close to aging up. He was about 7 days away. I was thinking to myself that Reese just started his journey. He needs more time as a young adult…lol! But not the long lifespan amount of time.

      I’m thinking when the festival comes around again, Reese will go with the Pranksters. And he won’t invite Willow.

  • Opps I posted with the wrong email… delete my last comment please.

    β€œClick bait Writer.” Are you on SimsTube Reese? πŸ˜† I feel that’s where Clickbait titles are. That and news sites. Congrats on the promotion! Awww Reese! I would listen to your heart boxer jokes! πŸ˜‰ fireworks are overrated. Nice to see Willow came out with Reese even after she threw a drink on him. Guess the bubble blower is super relaxing. πŸ‘Œ

    • Deleted your first one. πŸ™‚

      I can’t picture Reese doing videos just yet from the start to this chapter. Maybe sharing news, yes.

      Who doesn’t love a good underwear joke, right? I think Reese does have a good sense of humor. His Comedy skill is rising.

      I didn’t think Willow would ever get out of that Uncomfortable stage. That bubble blower definitely did the trick. Reese was able to show his comedic side to her and I think she enjoyed it.

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