1.09: Prank Day

The weekend has arrived. Reese doesn’t work on Saturdays or Sundays as of yet. He’s been working from home the past few days and come Monday, he’ll go back to the workplace to get work done.

For now, Reese completes a whim to Prepare Pancakes (From Cooking Skill). Today was a rainy day, so Reese decided to spend it in his apartment.

Relaxing on the couch watching some comedy shows in his robe, Reese gets a visitor. Mandy has stopped by. He gave her an apartment key since they were neighbors and friends.

Mandy Trammell:

Hey, I was thinking about checking out the city today. Can I use your place to get ready?

“You live next door, Mandy! Can’t you get ready in your own apartment?” *laughing* She needed something to drink. Maybe Reese has better drinks. She was nice enough to take out the trash when she left.

Sunday makes its way and Reese also finds out it is Prank Day.

Mischief Spirit

A holiday is a perfect excuse for mischievous hijinks that are in good fun. Time to work on some pranks.

Reese can spend the day pranking his neighbors. Raj should get a real kick out of that. He hasn’t seen his other neighbor, Willow, for awhile as well. Kind of mean to invite her over for a prank. But hey, it’s a holiday.

First Invite to Hangout at Current Lot… is Raj. We won’t invite Geeta over. Realistically, she would be very upset at what is about to go down. *laughing* He should be expecting this being a holiday and all.

Raj Rasoya will be right over!

I wonder if Raj thinks Reese is going to apologize? He would be a good one to do the ol’ Trick with Hand Buzzer. Reese invites Raj in and goes over to shake his hand. Bam! Instant shocker. Reese laughs. Raj laughed too. Oh, good. He knew what day it was and didn’t take it personal. Well, he’s not showing it if he did.

After lunch, Reese invited Willow over. They haven’t seen each other since she came over as part of the welcome wagon. He can pull his prank and they can catch up. He was hoping he could pull off a Scare tactic with Willow.

Reese points at something and Willow looks where he is pointing and then he does the BOO interaction which makes her turn around and jump. *laughing* They both get a chuckle out of it after she calms down.

But then she gets the Angry moodlet. Look at that face. “I guess that really wasn’t funny to her, Reese!” I let autonomy take over for awhile. Hopefully he can smooth things over on his own.

And this happens. She throws a drink in his face and storms off. Damn! This prank did not go over well at all for Reese. “Sorry, Reese! I guess Willow was not in the mood for Prank Day!” Maybe scaring her was not such a bright idea.

He’s got a good relationship with Mandy. They’re even in the Friend zone. Hopefully she won’t react like Willow, but more like Raj. Reese calls up Mandy to Invite to Hangout at Current Lot… and she accepts.

Reese autonomously starts to chat with Mandy and then I force the mischief in there with the What’s that Spot? Here’s to hoping she is amused. Reese points at Mandy’s chest and has a speech bubble of a urinal. This can’t be good. I really hope he isn’t taking it too far like he did with Willow. As she looks down his hand goes up over her chin to her face. Did he just silly slap her? They both chuckle. I leave it to autonomy…

..and Mandy doesn’t get in the Angry moodlet. Stress relieved. Reese has his face in his chat bubble, so he must be talking about himself doing pranks on his neighbors. I wonder if he’ll tell her about Willow.

In fact, Reese will have to make it up to Willow sometime.



Charisma (2/10)
Comedy (3/10)
Cooking (4/10)
Fitness (2/10)
Handiness (4/10)
Mischief (1/10)
Singing (1/10)


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2 thoughts on “1.09: Prank Day”

  • Prank Day…fun pranks with Raj and Mandy…but Willow…ooops…I don’t think she can take a joke too well. Love how Mandy, who lives next door in the city, uses Reese’s apartment to visit the city. hehehe Maybe she is making Reese’s apartment a stay-cation type of deal…you know, the far, far away stay-cation from her apartment. hehe

    • I really thought Raj would have been the angry one, to be honest. But he laughed it off. Willow hid her anger to start and then just laid into Reese and threw a drink in his face. My mouth dropped.

      Not exactly sure still what Mandy wanted to do to get ready. Having drinks for Mandy perhaps entails that. She had around 3 drinks, took out Reese’s trash and then no longer hanging out in the apartment. 😀

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