#BuildNewcrest: Day 79

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 79 (Household Income: §31,776)

I was able to visit my two nieces and nephew for the first time yesterday. They are such adorable kids. Joseph the third looks so much like bro and my dad.

I wake up to the sound of Xavier. I guess a mother can hear her child even across the hall. I hear him babbling as if he’s having a conversation. I wonder if he’s talking to his stuffed bear. I get up and put my robe on.

I find out he’s talking to dad. Xavier must have woke him up.

It’s around 5:30am and everyone is going to be getting up soon, so I start breakfast. I am going old school with what dad always made when I was younger, fruit and yogurt parfait.I cut up fresh fruit and mix into in with the yogurt.

After he woke up, Karlo said he would get the twins up. By the time everyone is seated and ready for breakfast, I serve them their fruit and yogurt parfait. Dad has another smile on his face.

By 8:00am, Angel and Noelle were ready for school. Because they will be turning teenagers on Friday, this is their last week. My Angel and Noelle becoming teenagers. How time flies. I remember when I became a teenager with my sis and bro. Now we all three have children of our own growing up so fast.

I give them each a kiss and hug while telling them how much I love them as they head off to school.

And speaking of growing up, toddlers age up pretty fast as well. I’m lucky to say that Xavier will become a child on Friday as well. All three of my children get to age up at the same time this time around.

Since myself, Karlo, dad, and mom have to work today, I am considering hiring a nanny. Dad says that is nonsense and he will work from home while watching Xavier. I tell him he doesn’t have to. He replies that he wants to.

Soon, Karlo has to leave for work. I give him a kiss before he heads out.

And then myself and mom get ready. Last time I went to work, I didn’t get a promotion. Which means you don’t need to tag along with me. Again, I don’t want to bore you with the same old.

I end up getting off work early. Mom called me at work and said she was leaving early and to see if I could. Dad and mom’s friend, Cathy Tea, passed away.

After we got home, dad and mom go to Cathy’s funeral which is around 5:00pm. I give them both a hug before they leave.

At the dinner table, I tell Angel and Noelle why their grandpa and grandma were sad and are gone for the evening. They are old enough now to understand. They’ve heard dad and mom talk about Cathy off and on. Especially when they were going off to a Page Turners book club meeting.

Angel asked a lot of questions. He wanted to know what happens after someone dies. I tell him they live on in the spirit world and sometimes comes back as ghosts.

I tell him the story of when I saw two ghosts when I was about his age. I continue that his grandparents, his aunt and uncle, and myself were in the Community Park telling ghost stories on All Hallow’s Eve. Then two appeared before me. No one believed me, but I knew they were real ghosts.

After dinner, Karlo was in the living room watching the Kids Network with Angel, Noelle, and Xavier.

Me? I had to go around to all the rooms and pick up the dirty laundry…

And wash a couple of loads.

Pretty soon it was bedtime for Angel, Noelle, and Xavier. Two have school in the morning and one is crankily tired.

I wait up for dad and mom to get home, which is around 9:00pm. They come inside holding hands and looking a little happier.

Dad says after the funeral, everyone went out for a bite to eat. They went to one of Cathy‘s favorite places to eat.

When I go to bed myself, I worry that dad and mom don’t have much time left. I wonder if they’ll visit as ghosts.

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  • Cathy!!! No T.T I know i don’t normally comment on here cause I never know if I get replies. (my emails are a disaster) But I had to comment on this heart-wrenching chapter. I’ve loved this story so much. I’m glad I’m all caught up and on the current. Keep up the awesome writing!

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