#BuildNewcrest: Day 78

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 78 (Household Income: §31,808)

Xavier became a toddler yesterday and we spent the day as a family together since it was a weekend and no one had work or school.

It was nice to get a good night’s sleep. I wake up around 6:00am. What’s nice is everyone has the weekend off, both Saturdays and Sundays. So it will be another family day again.

Since I am the first up, I get breakfasted started. I’m in the mood for eggs and bacon.

The family must have been awoken by the smell as they were up ready at the table when I was done. Xavier is still too young for this type of hot food, so I make him cereal instead.

After breakfast, Angel was a sweet boy and offered to wash the dishes. I told him he could use the dishwasher, but he insisted on washing them. I think he’s trying to impress his dad.

Then everyone changed clothes and we sat in the living room and watched the Kids Network on the television.

Xavier must have found mom’s paint because he was soon making a mess on the floor with them.

Karlo seems to be hot-headed sometimes and this time was no exception. Xavier is a toddler and he’s going to do toddler things, like make a mess. Karlo was not happy though and scolded Xavier for making a mess on our nice wooden floor.

I go ahead and mop up the mess before it stains the floor. I know Angel is into this kid’s show, but he needs to sit down on the couch and not stand in the mess his mom is trying to clean. Plus, he is too close to the television.

We watch more tv together until it’s lunchtime. Dad makes us all grilled cheese sandwiches and fries.

As we’re finishing up lunch, my sis calls. She wants to know if she can come over with her twin girls Faith and Charity. I am excited and tell her of course she can. She mentions that they just turned toddlers around noon.

Sis, Patrick, Faith, and Charity show up around 3:00pm. I greet them at the door and let them in. I give sis a big hug. I miss her a lot.

Then I meet my two nieces, Faith and Charity. These two definitely look like twins. I ask how they can tell the two apart. Sis says that Faith has her eye color and Charity has her dad’s. There may be other minor features, but the eyes will give them away.

As soon as dad saw Faith and Charity, he had to go say hi to them as well. He picks up Faith into his arms and tells her he is grandpa Joseph.

And he gives the same attention and love to Charity.

Side Note: When I got the notice that Faith and Charity became toddlers, I brought them into CAS and changed hairstyle and clothing only to match as they were born twins. Facial features, hair color, skin tone, etc. were not touched.

Even Xavier had to check out who came over. Sis got to meet him for the first time as well.

After a few hours, sis and her family left for home. Since it was around 6:00pm now, dad decides to make dinner. He was thinking something simple, so he put together a salad.

Dad wanted to visit bro as well since sis came over. My bro’s son should be a toddler now as well since he and sis had their kids almost the same time. I call him up and he invites us over.

It’s pretty late, so only myself and dad go over to visit.

Of course when I see my bro, I have to give him our bro hug we did when we were teenagers and before he moved out.

And when dad saw his grandson, he had to pick him up and introduce himself as grandpa Joseph.

Side Note: For Joseph Simself III, I didn’t change a thing. The hairstyle, hair color, clothes, facial features, skin tone, etc. all came from the game itself.

Me and bro did some catching up while dad played with Joseph the third. I told bro that dad is really happy to be around his grandkids. Bro agreed that he looked like he was having fun with Joseph the third.

After we get home, I get online for a short bit and update my social media status. I share with my followers everything that happened today.

Then I change and crawl into bed next to Karlo. I notice Dulcie has been at our bed a few times. I’ll have to get this cleaned tomorrow.

This weekend has been a wonderful one for me.

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