#BuildNewcrest: Day 80

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 80 (Household Income: §35,026)

Cathy, one of my dad’s and mom’s friends from their book club passed away yesterday. It came to a realization that they wouldn’t be here with me for much longer.

I wake up at 6:00am. Ever since I was little, dad made me get up at early times and now it’s an automatic thing for me. I don’t bother waking up Karlo. I know the smell of breakfast will do that for him and the rest of the family.

I make pancakes this morning. It’s something I am in the mood for.

I was happy to see that the rest of the family was enjoying them as well.

After Angel and Noelle got dressed for school, I walked with them outside before they headed off. This is their last week of school. Noelle was a little sad because of it. Angel seemed pretty happy.

Not long after, I met Karlo outside to wish him a good day at work as he was leaving.

When 10:00am arrived, me and mom headed to work together. She said this is going to be her last week at work. She’s ready to retire now. Dad says he is going to work until the day he dies.

At 7:00pm, I arrive home with mom. I received a vacation day at work. I wish it was a promotion instead.

I notice the flag up on the mailbox. The mail carrier stopped by with more bills I guess. I’m happy that we’ve come a long way in income. When I took over as heir, dad and mom were just making ends meet. I believe we only had around §6,000. Now we have a little over §33,000 before I pay the bills. That was 33 days ago.

Karlo had made fish tacos before I got home with mom, that way dinner would be on the table when we arrived. As we’re eating, I can see Angel is not a fan of them. Maybe fish and tacos don’t fit together for him. Noelle thinks it is funny that Angel is disgusted.

After dinner, the family sits in the living room to watch some tv. Dad lets Xavier sit in his chair…

As he wants to play with Dulcie instead.

I decide to update my social media status. I didn’t get a chance to yesterday after all the emotions and questions going on when Cathy passed away and dad and mom went to her funeral. I think dad let his followers know already, but I also let mine know. We do share some of the same followers, but I think I might have new ones that are more my generation that don’t follow him.

I also update them how Angel, Noelle, and Xavier are doing. I post that Angel and Noelle will be becoming teenagers on Friday. And to follow the tradition that my dad wants, I will be posting a public poll on who the community would want to see as the next Simself heir, Angel or Xavier. We are going to alternate genders each generation. Xavier will also age up to the child lifestage in his life on Friday.

By the time I am finished, it’s time to put Angel, Noelle and Xavier to bed.

I end the night cuddling up next to Karlo.

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