Worlds Apart: 1.17: Rambunctious Scamp

Geordi is still in his midlife crisis stage. His next desire is to sell 3 paintings. I guess painting is going to be another hobby he picks up. I buy him an easel and have him do one painting. I’ll do like I did his acting practicing and have him paint something one time for 3 days.

Since Geordi is in a Confident mood, I have him paint something to that moodlet. Not exactly sure what it ends up supposed to looking like. It sells for 78 simoleons, though.

Vince is keeping himself busy while Geordi discovers how to paint. I get this pop-up message. I am so glad he likes Fitness this early in life. This will help when he ages up.

As I move into the next day, Geordi has work and Vince has school. Xochitl has the day off. I will work on her Fitness skills as she needs skill level 10 to get a promotion in her Professional Athlete Career. She is not one of the main focuses, so I have been slowly working on this. She has been MVP since she met Geordi. He’s received many promotions. One nice thing is that when she gets this next promotion, she will be at the top tier. Maybe, just maybe, this can happen before Vince becomes a young adult and moves out the house and we journey with him into Generation 2.

While Xochitl is working out, it looks like Vince wants to play with one of his toys before school and cannot find it, so he goes to dad for help.

Then, at school, another student decides to pick on Vince.

When the time turns to 10am in-game, it is time for Geordi to head off to work. But I can’t believe my eyes as something else also happens. This has not happened to any of my Sims in any of my gameplays or stories I’ve created. My Sim wins the lottery. Yes, Geordi wins the lottery. Oh…my…goodness. He even gets a milestone Life achievement from it.

I can’t believe this right now. Geordi and his family are millionaires. He was already in a confident mood. Now he’s very confident. I won’t have him quit his job. He loves what he is doing. If Karmine was still in the household, she would have received 1/3 of this. Vince will take half of the household funds when he moves out as a young adult.

When Vince arrives home from school, there is a notification that his grades are up. He is now an A student. Way to go, Vince! I will now work on him meeting other classmates at school and start building his relationships with other children. Just maybe he will grow old with one of them.

It’s voidcritter time now for Vince. I buy him a new pack and it’s a Nymphaea. I have him start to train this one up.

When Geordi arrives home from work, it’s family dinner time. Grilled cheese at its best with the fam.

It’s now Friday. Geordi has the day off. Vince’s last day of school for the week is today. He ages up next Friday, so I will probably try and do it after his classes and make that Friday his last day of grade school. Xochitl has work today.

So, I think Geordi’s midlife crisis is actually over as I don’t see a moodlet for it. I know he’s been trying to contemplate on life and I kept dismissing it. He does get it again when he wakes up, so I decide to let him play it through. The aspiration panel is still visible, but I don’t think it is necessary to work on anything from it.

The three enjoy a nice pancakes breakfast with each other. Geordi and Xochitl also doing a little autonomous morning flirtation with each other. I doubt Vince wants to watch this part.

After Vince goes off to school, I have Geordi and Xochitl play some chess together. She doesn’t start work until later in the afternoon when Vince gets home from school. The house is really dusty. Poor Geordi keeps coughing around it. I may have him vacuum it later. The house gets dusty a lot and fast. I think I will turn it off for Generation 2.

I finally get the midlife crisis state is over for Geordi. Glad it wasn’t a bug. The temporary aspiration list also disappeared. Thank goodness.

I continue to also have Geordi take care of and sell from the money tree he planted quite a while back. The more simoleons that come into the household, the more Vince will have to take with him when he moves out when he becomes a young adult.

When Vince arrives home from school at 3pm in-game time, I buy him another voidcritter pack. It’s another Nymphaea critter. So, I have him work on leveling up the one he bought yesterday in-game.

Afterwards, I have Vince invite over one of the children, Reese, he met during the Festival of Youth who was also collecting virtual voidcritters. I have Vince ask Reese to trade cards. Hopefully he has one that can be traded with the duplicate Vince has of Nymphaea. Reese ends up trading Vince for the exact critter but more advanced in skill than the one he even already has. I’ll have him try and trade his less powerful one to another child at a later time.

Reese ends up staying over for dinner. Geordi had made lactose-free fish, but it was not vegetarian-safe. So, I made sure he didn’t grab a plate for himself and rather had some leftover fruit salad.

Vince becomes friends with Reese and finds out he is a Cerebral Sim.

Moving onto Saturday. The boys have the day off from work and school. Xochitl will make the pay for today. She doesn’t work until the afternoon, so the family can spend some time together before she does.

I bring the three to the Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek. I decide to give the park a bit of renovation by downloading one from the Gallery. It is created by Yummytacos1010 and can be downloaded here.

Dad and mom stand and watch Vince play on the monkey bars which allows him to complete his Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration.

I’m going to end this chapter at this point. Vince will receive a new child aspiration next chapter. My goal for the next chapter is for Xochitl to move to her last stage in her career and out of MVP. She is so close. This is not a guarantee it will happen as she is not a focus of this legacy. But I am going to see what I can do to help her along.

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