Worlds Apart: 1.18: Festival of Youth

Now that Vince has finished his Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration, I move him into the Social Butterfly Aspiration. The plans I have for him when he grows up, he’ll need good social skills as well as fitness. Since Vince has already made friends with Reese, he’s halfway done with his first milestone of the aspiration. He only now needs to meet 5 new Sims.

Lucky for him, Vince meets the first of the 5 on the monkey bars. Her name is Jeanette Harris.

It is soon lunchtime. The new park was created with vendor carts, so I have Geordi hire a vendor so they can have lunch in the park together. It looks like everyone’s favorite Sim from the Snowy Escape Pack, Kiyoshi Ito, is the vendor.

After lunch, I have Xochitl head home as she starts work in an hour. I want to make sure she gets to work on time and believe she will on her own if at home. I keep Geordi and Vince in the park.

In the park, Vince meets more children to fulfill his first milestone of the Social Butterfly Aspiration. His new acquaintances are Alfonso Caliente, Wren Grove, Amanda Alto, and Zach Pancakes.

As soon as Vince completes the first milestone, it also says it completes his second milestone. I didn’t realize he made a BFF along the way, so I have to check his relationships to see who his best friend is. It’s his dad. Aww! This is so cool. I didn’t realize these two became best buds. And if I did mention it in a previous chapter, I guess I am forgetful.

Back home, it’s time to have Vince buy a voidcritter pack. It’s a Bubalus. He trains this one up a little bit.

The boys then have dinner together alone as Xochitl is still at work.

When Xochitl comes home from work, a new Personality Trait pops up for her.

Sunday and the first day of the Fall season arrives. And it’s the same as yesterday in-game when it comes to work and school. Both Geordi and Vince have the day off while Xochitl has to work. Today I will not be sending them all to the park, though. It seems the Festival of Youth has come around again. I’ll make it another father and son bonding moment again. This time, Vince will focus on catching all virtual voidcritters and the two will get there when it starts.

Waking up, Vince discovers he has a loose tooth. I would think pulling it would hurt like crazy, so he’ll wiggle it a bit and let it fall out eventually.

When 10:30am arrives in-game, I have Geordi and Vince go to the Festival of Youth in Mt. Komorebi.

I am going to try this again with Vince. This time, not get distracted by meeting other children his age. The focus is getting all the virtual voidcritters.

With 10 virtual voidcritters collected, Vince and his dad go back to Yamachan to claim his prize. He was able to finish with an hour left of the festival. I even was able to get him into the bathroom during his search as his Bladder Need was almost orange.

As I don’t plan on Vince having a Simmi collection, I think I won’t open the Ultra Rare Simmi Capsule and he’ll pass it down from generation to generation until I get to the Mt. Komorebi Generation, which will be around Generation 14. That is quite a way. Hopefully, I will remember.

Back home, I have Vince purchase another voidcritter pack. It ends up being one he already has. It’s a Mytheme. Now he has two cards to trade. But I’ll go ahead and have him work on training the first one he received and try and level that one up a bit more.

Late in the evening hours, Xochitl comes home from work and she did it! She achieved her final promotion. She had been stuck in the MVP career level for so long. Now she’s a Hall of Famer in the Professional Athlete Career. She also receives an MVP trophy which I place in her and Geordi’s bedroom on the dresser. It fits nicely next to the photo of her team.

The next morning after breakfast, I have Vince work on finally building an actual rocketship. He does have to work today. He needs to level up in the Rocket Science Skill to get his final promotion at work. He’s exhausted out reading through the three rocket science books I bought for him.

While at school, Vince allegedly gets caught looking at someone else’s test paper. I don’t think Vince is the type to cheat. I think with that stress, his loose tooth also ends up coming out. I’ll have him let the new one grow in.

When Vince gets home from school, it’s voidcritter time. I get him to buy another pack. It’s a new one and it’s called Simgaia. I have him spend time also training it up.

I also find a tooth fairy certificate in Vince’s personal inventory. I place that above his bed.

Meanwhile at work, Geordi is asked to provide more security to an intergalactic pop star. No good deed unpunished.

Vince invites Alfonso over to hang out for a bit. Basically, I want them to trade voidcritter cards and see if Alfonso gives Vince one he doesn’t have. It looks like Reese wants to hang out, too. Maybe I can also get him to trade another card as well. Reese doesn’t look happy when he arrives.

I put them all in a group so I can have the two others follow Vince to his room.

First, he asks Alfonso for a trade. I pick the Nymphaea that is trained up to level 3. His other one of the same kind is power level 7. Alfonso does give Vince a new one called Cyprin. Then it’s time to trade Vince’s lower-level trained Mytheme with Reese. Reese also give him a new one he doesn’t have that is called a Wickyn.

With the trading of the voidcritter cards and happy Vince receives 2 new ones, I am going to end the chapter here. This was definitely a fun voidcritter kind of chapter. Next chapter, Geordi might receive his final promotion and will continue to work on his rocketship.

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