Worlds Apart: 1.16: The Lottery

The family has some of the blueberry pie that Xochitl made for Karmine’s birthday. This is one positive thing for when she moves out today in-game. No more having to worry about making lactose-free food. Geordi is a vegetarian, so that still needs to be looked after.

After, it is time to say goodbye to Karmine. Not for good. Only, moving out of the household. She is moving in with Maira Watson, her girlfriend.

I decide to move them into the original house in San Sequoia that Karmine started in as a child. Because Gramma Eleanor is Karmine’s grandmother on her dad’s side, I have her take the urn with her and will place it in the new (or old) home. I downloaded a renovated version created by Deligracy. You can find it here from the Sims 4 gallery.

I am also giving Karmine 1/3 of the household funds of 288,170 simoleons that were made, which ends up approximately being 96,056 simoleons. Maira’s household has 28,000 simoleons and there are 6 in the household. So, dividing the funds between 6 Sims, leaves Maira with approximately 4,666 simoleons.

Once I move them in, I set the household to Unplayed.

I notice Vince has not done his homework for tomorrow in-game, so I go into his inventory to select his grade school book. There, I see a picture he drew on his first day. I didn’t even know he did this. I have to place it in his bedroom on the wall. It looks like he also received a school project to do. And it looks space themed. I’ll have him work on it tomorrow with the help of his dad.

After Vince finishes his homework, I have him continue to practice typing. He reaches his 4 hours needed to practice which also completes the milestone for the Rambunctious Scamp Aspiration. He has one more milestone to accomplish.

I see if Vince can also get a high score on the typing game now that he’s practiced for 4 hours. I am happy to say it is successful on his first try.

The next day in-game arrives and it’s the family’s first breakfast without Karmine. No more having to remember to make lactose-free meals. Only vegetarian now. I don’t plan on having Vince be either of those. He’s going to be a health nut, but in a different way. I must say that it looks like they are saddened that Karmine is not there to have breakfast with them.

After school, I am happy to report that Vince is now a B student. I’m hoping he can reach the A student status before aging up to a teenager. There will be future generations where I’ll plan on having the heir(ess) be an average grade student, but I do want Vince to be above average.

Since both parents are at work and he is home alone, I let him play on his Voidcritter Battle Station. He needs a voidcritter card to use it, so I let him buy a booster pack. It’s a surprise inside when buying the pack. Vince ends up getting Nimbus. I have him train up Nimbus until Geordi gets home from work. I’ll buy a booster pack each day for Vince and let him train them up and eventually do a battle before he ages up to a teenager.

While at work, Xochitl gets a call from her daughter. It’s only been a day and I think Karmine already misses her mom.

When Geordi arrives home at 6pm in-game, there’s mail to be collected. I have a mod in place that automatically has the bills be paid when they arrive, so I know it’s not the bills. It ends up being Karmine’s high school diploma. I’ll have to add her back into the family sometime to collect it and then put her back into her new household with Maira.

After dinner, I have Geordi help Vince with his school project of putting together a solar system.

Here is the finished project. Geordi looks so proud of his son. I’ll have Vince keep it through all of his lifestages.

A new day is dawning. Both Geordi and Xochitl have work. Vince has school. It is also the day that Sims can play the lottery and see if they can win the jackpot. None of my Sims have ever won when I have them buy a ticket, so I expect no less from this family. Geordi already tried once before and lost to a Simon Scott. I will still continue to have my Sims buy tickets. One day I just might get lucky.

At the assembly in Vince’s school, the music teacher asks for a volunteer hoping Vince will raise his hand. But Vince sees one of his classmates more enthused than he is. I think Vince is the kind of Sim who will put others before himself.

Later on in the day, Xochitl gets a call from the school. Vince writes a letter to another teacher he had found cute, and it seems the teacher got a hold of it. Kids will be kids.

When Vince comes home from school, both parents are at work. I buy him another voidcritter booster pack. This one is called Mytheme. I have him begin to train it.

An hour before his shift is over, Geordi encounters some teenage aliens. His duties are to search any aliens hanging around. Rules are rules and Geordi doesn’t know if these aliens are going to end up causing trouble or not even if they currently are not.

Coming home from work, Geordi has received a promotion. I am guessing his last act was the inspiration for his new position. He only needs one more promotion in the Astronaut Career to reach the top status. I’m so proud of this guy. And his new uniform is nice, too. He looks more professional.

Geordi also receives a large statue called the Astro-Bunny Beyond Infinity. I place it outside as it’s too big and clunky looking to put indoors. I picture it as Geordi in his astronaut uniform.

I am going to end this chapter on that note with Geordi’s promotion. Next chapter we will find out who the lucky lottery winner is. I also went to play Karmine and had her and Maira buy a ticket as well and then move the household back to Unplayed.

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