HoP: Chapter 21


Chapter 21


Bob and Eliza were having breakfast discussing the previous days interviews. Eliza did all the interviewing while Bob did all the watching and taking notes in his head.

“I think we had a lot of qualifying candidates for the hostess position.” Eliza said. “But one stood out amongst the rest to me.

“I was happy to see Katlin knew her dishes and creative choices how to spice things up. But she didn’t apply for the Chef position. Her answers to some of the questions were spot on, however. I just didn’t see a hostess position in her.

“One thing I loved about Nicole was that she was ambitious about the job. I could tell she wanted this job. And she is definitely outgoing. Something a hostess needs to be. But giving her the tour, she was more distracted with straightening things and moving stuff to make it look perfect. Not that I didn’t mind at the time, but this could be a distraction come time when the customer needs the attention

“Florence also seemed ambitious. She came to the interview with a lot of enthusiasm. And she looked fit. As the hostess is going to be on her feet all day, I don’t think she would have a problem. And she’s got a good sense of humor. I like that.

“I have to say though, Sophia clicked with me. She didn’t look as ambitious of the other two, but she had a cheerfulness to her. And she brought up of teamwork. She would help the waiter if she wasn’t making her rounds making sure the customers are being treated well. And her ‘if you have time to lean, you have time to clean’ attitude.”

“What do you think?” Eliza then asked Bob.

“I think you summed it up pretty nice.” He responded.

“You’re a big help.”

“Thank you.” Bob winked and smirked.

Eliza then pulled the papers out for the waiter position.

“I’m going to just say I think Milan is our best fit for this position.” Eliza began. “He is very self-assured. He also knows his breakfast foods and said he would give recommendations of what you pick as your chef’s choice.”

“Then I approve as well.” Bob replied.

Eliza continued, “And if we ever need a second waiter, I would hopefully like to add Carter. He’s very outgoing. And he said he’s willing to try any food beforehand. Elijah is too much of a partier I think to have. He’s a good guy and did well with my questions, but just not a right fit for a waiter position right now.”

“Now onto the chef position.” Eliza stared at Bob. “I think you should make this decision as you will be working with them the most.”

“I want Bob!” Bob blurted out.

“What?” Eliza asked.

“Mr. Filet. I want him as my sidekick.”

“Don’t you think he’s a little bit over-qualified?” Eliza asked. “He should be in some sort of fancy restaurant with his experience. Not some breakfast joint.”

“Being over-qualified is what qualifies him. He knows his food. He’s showed he can be creative. Of course, my pancakes will be the top food, but he can design some other wonderful breakfast foods with style. I want Bob!”

Eliza sighs. “Don’t you want to even consider the other two?”

“I want Poppy if Bob and Bob have their hands full.” Bob said with a smile.

“It’s your kitchen!” Eliza exclaimed.

After breakfast, Eliza got on the phone. She first called Bob Filet and asked him if he would like the position as one of the chefs of Bob’s Breakfast. She explained as a starter business and restaurant, they couldn’t pay him what he would deserve, but would pay him well. He accepted the position.

Eliza then called Sophia Spinks.

“Hi Ms. Spinks. This is Eliza Pancakes. We met a few days ago about the position of hostess. I would like to extend the offer to you if you are still interested.”

“I’m sorry Mrs. Pancakes.” Sophia began. “After our interview, I was called by another employer I had an interview for and I took that job offer. I’m going to have to decline.”

There was some dead silence.

“Hello?” Sophia asked.

Note from the Author: I’d like to thank the fourteen people who voted. We had a clear winner for waiter, a close call for hostess, and a tie which I had to break for chef. To write the storyline, I used the poll results and then looked at each Sims traits as a decision making for the story part of it. Unfortunately, I have bad news. I tried for hours refreshing the hostess list for hiring and Sophia Spinks would just not appear. I know she had majority votes and I let you all know in the story towards the beginning. But because I could add her in the hostess position, I had to move to one with the second most votes.

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2 thoughts on “HoP: Chapter 21”

  • Yeah for Bob Filet! Can’t wait to see him put out fires…uh…I mean cook in the kitchen. And so sad that Sophia got another job. Yep, even when you think you have the perfect person for the job, they may have other plans. Oh well, hopefully, they can go with their second choice. Maybe Florence will still be available. I think that was the other possible runner-up. Then Kaitlin, I guess. Oh, let’s hope you won’t have to have another job search for the hostess position. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

    • After I couldn’t get Sophia in there, I realized…sometimes that how the real world works. You can’t always have what you want. So it was sad and interesting at the same time.

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