HoP: Chapter 22


Chapter 22


Eliza was making the calls to the ones who they wanted to hire for Bob’s Breakfast. When she got to calling Sophia Spinks about the hostess position, she wasn’t prepared for a rejection.

“Oh, you don’t want the position anymore?” Eliza asked.

“That is correct.” Sophia answered. “It was a pleasure meeting you and Mr. Pancakes. This new job I acquired is more up my alley.”

“I wish you the best of luck at your new job.” Eliza said.

“Thank you!”

Eliza hung up. She was dumbfounded and looked at Bob.

“Sophia rejected the position as hostess.” She told him.

“I’m sorry.” Bob replied.

“I didn’t expect that coming.”

“I don’t think any employers do. So who are you going to replace her with?”

“I also enjoyed Milan’s sister, Florence. I’ll give the two of them a call.”

Both Milan and Florence Moss accepted the positions of waiter and hostess. Their staffing was set.

The following Tuesday when both Bob and Eliza had off from their regular jobs, they headed to the Magnolia Promenade District to see about having uniforms made for their restaurant. The two visited The Roadstead to see what could be done.

They wanted to keep it casual. This was in no way a fancy restaurant. A red polo with a name tag, blue jeans, and red shoes for the hostess and waiter. Opposite for the chef with blue polo with name tag, red jeans, blue shoes and a red bandana to keep hair out of the food.

The clerk took down their order and said it would be a week or so for them to be ready.

Over the next week while the Pancakes waited for the uniforms to be ready, Bob met with his new chef and they planned a menu together. Bob Filet would make some of his signature dishes for Bob and Eliza and then Mr. Pancakes would make his signature pancakes for Chef Filet.

Their finished menu would look like this:

Drinks – water, orange juice, coffee, lemonade, mocha, and iced tea

Appetizers – pretzel, yogurt, fruit salad, bagels (blueberry, everything, onion, and plain), croissant, scone, and pancakes (blueberry and orange)

Main Course – scrambled eggs with bacon, eggs and toast, pancakes (plain, parsnip, and potato), breakfast scramble, omelet, and eggs benedict

Soon enough, the uniforms arrived. Bob and Eliza ordered one for themselves as well. They may end up having to help out besides being owners and managers. They each tried theirs on.

They decided to have their grand opening on the next Sunday. Both Bob and Eliza took a few vacation days for that time to see how well the restaurant ran for the first week.

Note from the Author: Master Chef Bob Filet became a Maxis favorite. If you’d like to download Chef Bob Filet for your game, head on over to EuphorialQueen’s Gallery page. Congratulations to EuphorialQueen on a Maxis favorite!

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