Worlds Apart: 1.12: Aged Up

When dinner is over, it is time to bring out the cake and have Geordi make a birthday wish.

There is still time on the event, but I am ending it early since Geordi already receives a Gold status for the birthday event. With this Gold Reward comes a new dresser for which I replace the old one in his and Xochitl’s bedroom.

Now it’s time for a small makeover for Geordi. I’m going to keep his outfits as is for now. He deserves a new hairstyle and maybe it’s time to grow and keep some facial hair. I’m going to turn off facial hair growth, so I don’t have to have him shave anymore as well. Both hairstyle and facial hair are custom content I found. I think this makes Geordi look a little bit older. Here is a before and after the makeover. He still looks a tad young too, which I like. Maybe it will help with his mid-life crisis that will probably happen soon.

I think Geordi is excited about his small makeover. He autonomously went upstairs to work out on the treadmill and put a smile on his face. He still has two more levels in the Fitness skill to max it out. This will complete his Bodybuilder Aspiration. Then I will show a before and after of his whole-body transformation.

It’s now the next morning and it’s time for infant Vince to become toddler Vince. I want to age him up before everyone else needs to leave. I don’t feel a birthday party event is necessary for an infant to age up to a toddler.

I have everyone wake up around 5am and go downstairs to the dining room where the cake is ready. I use the same cake as Geordi’s from yesterday’s party. Saves time from having to bake (or cook, as that is what is done in-game) another cake. Geordi helps Vince blow out the candles. I think Karmine finds it awkward being around her adoptive dad in his underwear. It’s like she doesn’t want to look.

Aging up, toddler Vince receives a bonus trait from being an infant. I have specific ideas for Vince as he continues to age up, so I was hoping for some type of motor skill bonus, but the one he receives will do. Toddler Vince is going to be a wild toddler. Again, I want that extra boost for his motor skills. I like the fact that I also have him go from Calm to Wild.

Now it’s makeover time for toddler Vince. Basically, it is his hairstyle that needed a major update. I don’t want to mess with his facial features since that is what he received from both parents. I also go ahead and work on all his different outfits.

It is nice to see that toddler Vince can now sit with the family for meals. He also receives his first skill and quirk.

Now it’s time to renovate toddler Vince’s bedroom so it’s made for a toddler and not an infant. It isn’t much, but it’ll entertain him as a toddler for now. Toddler’s lifespan on normal in-game is 7 days. Then I’ll renovate it again with more things that a child would like.

Soon, it is time for Geordi to go to work and Karmine to school.

This leaves Xochitl and toddler Vince at home with each other. The two hang out together for awhile. Vince gets another new skill and quirk. I really wasn’t expecting him to be an aggressive type. But I guess it’s not really what I want when it comes to these Sims.

Astronaut Geordi is on a space mission and hears something over the transmission radio. I think Geordi would definitely check it out.

Autonomously, toddler Vince found the play tent I set out in the backyard. I thought it was cute to have a space themed one from the choices that were given since Geordi is in the Astronaut Career and is now labeled as an astronaut.

Later, Toddler Vince had to use the potty. As his mom is bringing him into the bathroom, he receives another quirk.

Not much happening the rest of the day. Toddler Vince gets to work on some of his skills by himself. He does pretty well for his first day as a toddler.

It’s now Saturday morning and it’s family breakfast time.

Xochitl and Karmine have work today. Xochitl doesn’t work until the afternoon and Karmine in the evening. I decide to have the family go to the Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek. It’s a hot day outside, so the game put them in the Hot Weather Outfits.

Geordi and Xochitl find themselves playing chess together. Toddler Vince beelines autonomously to the Twisty Toddler Tunnels. I had to add something for him to do at the park. I think this will be the most entertaining for him. And the game set up a roller rink at the park, so I send Karmine there to roller skate on her own.

When it was close to noon in-game time, I have Geordi grill up some fruit. This is both vegetarian-safe as well as lactose-free for the founder and his adopted daughter. While he is grilling, mother and daughter have small talk which Xochitl seems to enjoy.

Then it’s time to eat. As toddler Vince cannot sit at the picnic table he wanders off to a place he can sit to eat. Not sure why Karmine didn’t want to sit.

Another teenager in the park autonomously comes up to Karmine and shows her his phone. This cracks me up. I wonder what he is showing her. Perhaps he took a picture of her roller skating. She seems to know him from the relationship bar. Maybe she worked on that school project with him.

Toddler Vince enjoys his grilled fruit as he mystically floats a bit above the seat of the bench.

As soon as toddler Vince is done eating, Geordi autonomously comes over and the two kneel on the ground and Geordi shows off some flashcards. I guess the park is a good place to learn about objects.

I am going to end this chapter here. Not the next chapter, but the following after that, toddler Vince should be aging up to a Child. Xochitl will age up to a full-grown adult a few days before that. Not sure if we’ll see that next chapter. I’m hoping Geordi gets another promotion the next chapter and maybe even levels up in his Fitness skill, so he will only have one more level to go to reach level 10 and finish his Bodybuilder Aspiration.

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