Worlds Apart: 1.13: Space Ranger

2pm comes around and Xochitl has work in an hour, so I have the family go home after a fun morning and afternoon in the park. Soon enough, it is time for Xochitl to go to work. She doesn’t look too thrilled. Maybe she’s getting burnt out from this career level. I’m slowly but surely getting some of her skills up that she needs for the Promotional Tasks. Unfortunately, she is not one of the main characters of this legacy.

When toddler Vince needs to use the potty chair and has to get help from his dad, the two receive a family dynamic.

Since toddler Vince’s Energy Need is in the yellow, I have Geordi put him down for a nap. It’s only around 5:30pm in-game, so I might have him get up a little later and then go to bed when everyone else does to maintain a sleep schedule.

As 8pm soon rolls around, it’s just Geordi and toddler Vince at home. The two have dinner together as Vince and Geordi babble at each other.

Karmine comes home from work with a promotion. Good job, Karmine.

It’s now a new week. Xochitl is the only one who has to work today. I need to work on Geordi’s Fitness Skill, so I am going to see if Xochitl and Karmine will autonomously help take care of toddler Vince. If not, I’ll have Geordi take breaks from working out. But for now, it’s weightlifting time for him.

As Geordi is working out, Karmine approaches him and feels like no one likes her. I think this is one of her mood swings. Of course, Geordi is there to be on her side.

Around lunch time, the three older ones sit around the dining room table to eat. Toddler Vince is wandering around outside the house.

By the end of the evening with a main focus on Geordi working out, I am able to get him to level 9 of the Fitness Skill with 80% left to maxing it out at level 10. I will probably shoot for this on his next day off.

The next morning, the family have a nice breakfast together before work and school.

Geordi has work at 8am and Karmine has school at the same time. I found a mod called Education System Bundle – that allows toddlers to go to school as well. This automatically helps with their Skills and Character Values. I send toddler Vince off to preschool at the same time.

Toddler Vince is the first one to come home at 2pm. It’s a thunderstorm outside, so obviously the little guy is now scared. I get him indoors as quickly as possible.

Karmine is the next to arrive home around 3pm. It’s still storming outside, so she is a bit scared as well. At least she is able to have an umbrella. That would have been cute if toddlers had little umbrellas.

Toddler Vince autonomously goes up to his bedroom and begins talking to his stuffed bear, Blarffy. I am guessing that will help him calm down from the thunder still going on outside.

Geordi is the last to come home at 6pm and he’s received a promotion in the Astronaut Career. He can either be an Interstellar Smuggler or a Space Ranger. I think a Space Ranger suits Geordi better. His new title as a Space Ranger is Planet Patrol.

Part of Geordi’s promotion is having another decoration that is a rocket kit. It’s pretty big and would look awful in the bedroom, I place it next to his Mission Control desk. It fits nice and snug next to it.

Father and son together. I don’t think toddler Vince likes dad in his work uniform by the look on Vince’s face.

Part of Geordi’s new career level is to now get Rocket Science skills. For this, I have him purchase a book to help up this skill and have him do some quiet reading.

Another day, another breakfast time with the whole family. This time, toddler Vince makes a stinky in his highchair and thinks it is funny.

At 8am in-game time, both Karmine and toddler Vince go to school. This allows Geordi and Xochitl to have a bit of romance time alone before he goes off to work. I like that both bars for Friendship and Romantic are maxed out.

When toddler Vince arrives home from preschool, he decides to autonomously go make a mess out in the streets. Thankfully, it’s not in the house or yard. He better be happy both mom and dad are at work. I could have his big sister discipline him, but I think she’d not say anything to him unless one of the parents were around.

When Geordi gets home from work, it’s playtime with his son. Since these two are the main Sims for this legacy with Generation 1 and 2, it’s nice to have both of them interact with each other as much as possible.

Moving onto the next day, it is Xochitl’s birthday as she is aging up to a full-grown adult, just like her hubby. Because Karmine (and toddler Vince unofficially) have school at 8am and Geordi has work at 10am in-game time, I have them all celebrate Xochitl’s birthday right away in the morning around 7am.

Soon after, both the kids go off to school.

At 10am in-game time, it’s Geordi’s turn to leave.

There’s a thunderstorm outside again when toddler Vince gets home from preschool. He autonomously makes his way to his mom to talk. By the looks of it, he wants his tablet. Preschool has done him wonders. I am glad for that mod as it definitely helps with his skills, so I don’t have to worry too much about them when he’s at home. I mostly have to tend to his needs.

Both toddler Vince and Xochitl get along so much that she now like Jokes because her son is so funny and silly.

I’m going to end this chapter at this point. Next chapter, toddler Vince will no longer be a toddler. I’ll share his Skills and Character Values that the preschool mod helped with. He is well on his way to becoming a well-mannered Sim.

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