HoP: Chapter 14


Chapter 14


Bob and Eliza were still working on the funds for the new restaurant. With Eliza now working, their household income was slowly increasing. She hadn’t bought anything new since she got her job.

The two would go out and visit their unfinished restaurant across the street. The layout looked pretty nice. The construction team that did this were very good.

Bob and Eliza had only a little over nineteen thousand simoleons saved up. Budget wise, they needed at least one-hundred and twenty thousand simoleons. This didn’t count for the budgeting of staff, either. Just to finish the whole furnishing and last bits of construction which Dylan offered to do. They didn’t expect this to be finished for a few weeks if not longer.

Bob would work on his cooking skills. He’s learned more recipes and touched up on his older ones with the garden he created of fruits and vegetables.

With this new satisfaction of making new dishes, his job performance has increased tremendously that he has been promoted to Executive Chef after showing the talent he had for cooking. Congratulations to Bob! He is now the master of the kitchen. Yelling at underlings, demanding things be recooked, screaming at underlings, reprimanding underlings — it’s all possible now. The owners thought Bob was a great asset to their company. He got a raise that bumped him up to one-hundred and twenty-two simoleons an hour. His hours weren’t bad either. He would work from five to eleven in the evening.

Bob had considered himself now to be a culinary artist.

Eliza has been making improvements as well. She’s been enjoying her new hobby at painting. Her skills have gotten a lot better where she was enjoying her paintings. Bob would still steal the ones she thought she was throwing away.

She would still visit the museum to catch up on the Goths and Landgraabs, seeing if any home improvements were being made. She still wanted to be at the top with them. Owning a restaurant would sure improve her odds, she thought.

Eliza too would also exceed at her job within the next weeks. Eliza has boldly painted her way into a career of studio art — mastering still life, figure study, interior space, and the fine art of disdain for anyone living in mainstream society. Her boss called her the imaginative imagist. She would now work from nine in the morning to four o’clock in the evening at a pay rate of forty-eight simoleons an hour.

She also painted an idea of what the restaurant could look like on the outside.

Eliza just finished painting her inspiration of what the restaurant could look like from the outside as Bob came home. She called him upstairs.

“What do you think?” She asked him.

“It’s a big house” He replied.

“I am thinking this is something on the line of what the restaurant could look like. I looked across the street and then my ideas just started flowing. How much simoleons have we saved up so far?”

“I think after tonight’s payday, we’re a little over the seventy-five thousand mark.”

Eliza sighs.

“It’s not going to happen right away.” Bob tells Eliza. “You need to give this time.”

Bob didn’t want to rush anything anyway. He could see how excited Eliza was for it, but his nerves were getting the better of him as things began falling into place more and more. He had his own staff at his workplace. He was getting better at being around people. But he stayed in the kitchen ninety percent of the time. Probably not possible when running a restaurant.

Bob wondered where Eliza’s oomph went. She wasn’t as spirited as before and she began sitting across the table again during breakfast and dinner, not talking. Things were beginning to revert back to before all this restaurant idea started. Except she continued to work. But she did stop painting.

Bob wondered if she was about to change her mind of all this.

“Where’s Steve Harvey when you need him?” Bob thought to himself.

He didn’t want to go back to the old ways. He was enjoying this new side of himself and Eliza.

Bob had to do something!

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  • Oh no! What has happened to Eliza? It certainly is a lot of work getting the money to open the restaurant, but, she was so excited. And she’s not sitting beside him anymore. Maybe they should get a food truck instead.

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