HoP: Chapter 32


Chapter 32


Bob and Eliza had an unexpected visitor at their restaurant. Celebrity Chef, Gordon Ramsey. Steve Harvey, for whom the Pancakes met earlier, brought him over to check out Bob’s Breakfast. It turned out to be a positive visit.

After Eliza locked up, Florence stayed behind.

“You wanted to talk to me?” Eliza asked Florence.

“I would like to talk to you with my performance.”


“I don’t know if Chef Filet has spoken with you, but I’ve been working really hard lately. It was a struggle at first, but working with the chef and my brother, I think I’ve made a lot of improvements. I was wondering if it would be time into looking to see if I could get a raise?”

“From what Ive seen, you’ve been doing a good job since we all went to the training seminar. Let me talk to Bob and Chef Filet.”

“I really appreciate it. Thank you, Mrs. Pancakes.”

Bob had already for home across the street. When Eliza walked in, he was sitting on the couch watching t.v. She sat next to him on the couch which almost startled him because supposedly they weren’t talking. Well, she wasn’t talking to him. But he’d take it if it meant to them getting back to normal when they opened the restaurant.

“Hello.” Bob smiled.

“Florence asked me for a raise in pay. I think it should be up to Mr. Filet since he’s been working with her and Milan the most lately. Could you please talk to him and see what he thinks?”

“Sure.” Bob replied.

Eliza stood up and went upstairs.

Eliza didn’t go back to bed, though. Instead she went to her easel. She started to paint. She painted like she used to. There was no set idea of what to paint. She would paint what came from her hand and brush.

In about eight months, there was going to be a new member of the Pancakes household. She had plenty of time to prepare, but she didn’t want to. She was happy where she was at. She had a rocky relationship with Bob and she found something they could do together to bring back what they used to have. Now he had to get her pregnant and change things.

She didn’t want an abortion. Perhaps putting the baby up for adoption would be the best thing. Then they could get back to focusing on the restaurant again. Business was starting to pick up.

But what if Bob wanted to keep the baby? Would they fight about it? Eliza continued to wish Bob never got her pregnant.

Eliza could smell food coming from inside. She had never paid attention, but noticed it was pretty dark outside. As she entered back into the house from the balcony, she saw it was around eight-thirty. Bob must be cooking dinner.

Bob could hear Eliza coming down the stairs, so he placed an extra plate at the dinner table. He sat down and helped himself to the meal he had prepared.

When Eliza came to the dining room, she was confused but also amused at the same time. Bob saw a small smile and sighed with relief.

“Pancakes for dinner?” Eliza asked as she sat down.

“Potato.” Bob responded. “I wasn’t even sure you were hungry. I got this recipe from Chef Filet. It’s a twist on my pancakes. It has a vegetable to it. Mine are always plain and dull.”

No response from Eliza. Not what Bob was looking for.

“We need to talk.” Eliza commented.

Last time Bob remembered she said that, he thought she was going to break up with him. But it turned out she wanted to open a business with him. But his mind wandered back to his first thought. Afterall, she wasn’t on good terms with him lately. He thought he would lighten the mood and see her reaction from it.

“Milan want a raise, too?” Bob said with a wink.

“It’s about the baby.”


“I’m going to have the baby, but think we should have someone adopt him or her when they are born.”

“You don’t want to give it a shot and raise the child?” Bob asked. “You would make a wonderful mother.”

Bob wasn’t sure himself about raising a child, but he wouldn’t want to pass up being a father. His father raised him pretty well, he thought. He could do the same.

“I don’t think I would if I don’t want to be one right now.”


“We could adopt a kitten or puppy. Those things are popular right now I hear. Could be a trial run for us.” Bob smiled again.

“This isn’t a joke.” Eliza furrowed her brow. “You always try and make our conversations into something funny. I’m serious about this.”

Bob started to get angry now.

“You know this is how I cope with uncomfortable situations. It seems you don’t even want to talk about it. Perhaps, I do. I do think you would make a great mother and I would be a good dad.”

Eliza didn’t bother to grab any pancakes and she stood up to leave the dining room.

“We’ve got time, dear. Let’s talk about it.” Bob raised his voice as she was going upstairs.

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