HoP: Chapter 20


Chapter 20


Bob and Eliza had interviewed five of the ten applicants. Well, Eliza interviewed while Bob was near watching and listening. He knew Eliza was the perfect one to interview these people. She was doing an excellent job and the applicants were all prepared for the interview.

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Applicant: Leon Baum
Position: Chef

Eliza: “Why do you want to be a chef for this restaurant?”
Leon: “I would like a job that keeps me active and I would enjoy the challenge of working under pressure.”

Eliza: “Tell of some of the duties that you would perform every day.”
Leon: “Station set up, food preparation, stocking, cleaning and cooking are some of the duties that I would perform on a daily basis.”

Eliza: “Do you think a cook needs mathematical skills?”
Leon: “Definitely! A cook needs mathematical skills to weigh things accurately, make unit conversions and double or divide ingredient quantities to attain desired amount of any given recipe.”

Eliza: “What would you do if you found that kitchen equipment entrusted to another chef is broken or in poor repair?”
Leon: “If I come across something like this, it is my duty to talk to the responsible individual and explain to him that they need to report the problem.”

Eliza: “How do you ensure a smooth service period?”
Leon: “Smooth service is the basis of any type of food service organization. To ensure this, I make sure that there is sufficient stock and levels of food supplies available to the stations at all times.”

Applicant: Sophia Spinks
Position: Hostess

Eliza: “Why do you want to be a hostess?”
Sophia: “I am outgoing by nature and love meeting new people. I enjoy the challenge of working in a fast paced environment.”

Eliza: “How do you respond to a stressful situation?”
Sophia: “For hostess jobs you have to keep a cool head and not make any rash decisions.”

Eliza: “How would you deal with an upset customer?”
Sophia: “I would stop what I am doing and give the customer my full attention. I would apologize and do what I could to fix the situation.”

Eliza: “How do you take criticism?”
Sophia: “Very well. I understand that this position is a sensitive and any criticism directed my way will be constructive and will enable me to provide better services.”

Eliza: “Tell me in your opinion, what are the most important aspects of a hostess’s duties that will create value for our restaurant and the customers?”
Sophia: “Quality of communication, diner needs’ anticipation and professional demeanor.”

Applicant: Katlin Cardwell
Position: Hostess

Eliza: “Why do you want to work as a hostess?”
Katlin: “I enjoy meeting new people everyday. Nothing makes my day contended than knowing that the patrons are happy because of my direct and indirect service.”

Eliza: “What do you feel are characteristics of a great hostess?”
Katlin: “Someone who has great organizational skills and can delegate customers to tables, so a particular wait staff does not get overwhelmed.”

Eliza: “What are your greatest strengths?”
Katlin: “Being an excellent communicator, eager to help others, a fast learner requiring little supervision and outgoing. Teamwork skills, attention to detail and critical thinking are also important to me.”

Eliza: “How well would you handle pressure?”
Katlin: “I actually work better under pressure and I’ve found that I enjoy working in a challenging environment.”

Eliza: “Tell me from our job description, what areas do you think you are proficient at and what areas would you need to be thoroughly trained on?”
Katlin: “I am adept at providing excellent customer service, setting up the dining halls and making sure that guests’ experience will bring them back again. I effectively maintain a clean and positive environment in the restaurant. The only part I would need to get familiar with will be your specific set of rules and regulations as they differ from restaurant to restaurant.”

Applicant: Elijah Elmore
Position: Waiter

Eliza: “Why do you think you would make a great addition to our team?”
Elijah: “I get along with everyone I work with. I do my job and I’m happy to help if anyone ever needs it. I enjoy having a laugh with my colleagues and getting to know them.”

Eliza: “Are you comfortable carrying serving plates?”
Elijah: “I can comfortably carry two plates from the kitchen to the restaurant. Depending on the plates, I can sometimes carry three at a time.”

Eliza: “How would you deal with an angry customer?”
Elijah: “After listening to the customer, I would try and think of a solution. If I’m unable to deal with the problem myself, I’d find my manager or another member of staff.”

Eliza: “As a waiter, it is important to maintain health and safety at work, how would you keep yourself, and your colleagues, safe at work?”
Elijah: “When there is broken glass on the floor, I know to alert another colleague and get it cleaned up quickly to avoid injuring our diners or staff. At work I always make sure to wear appropriate work shoes, to reduce the chance of slipping or falling.”

Eliza: “What is your greatest weakness?”
Elijah: “Because I focus on making customers happy, I can get quite stressed. I understand you can’t make every customer happy but I want to show I’m good at my job.”

Applicant: Bob Filet
Position: Chef

Eliza: “If you found yourself understaffed during a rush, how would you handle the situation?”
Bob: “It is important that each dish is prepared to perfection even under pressure. I have specifically developed strong multitasking skills to ensure that I can complete tasks efficiently even without available help.”

Eliza: “How would you approach a customer that has complained about your dish?”
Bob: “When approaching a customer, it is important that they feel listened to. Therefore first, I would carefully acknowledge the customer’s concerns, inquiring about the specific issues with the plate. I would then work to resolve the issues, ensuring that the individual was satisfied.”

Eliza: “How do you ensure the safety of fellow workers?”
Bob: “With a range of dangerous equipment and hot pans along with a number of people in the kitchen, it is important that everyone is aware. As a result, I always communicate with workers that I’m behind them or passing, and clearly identify hot surfaces.”

Eliza: “Has there ever been an incident where a restaurant patron has become unwell after eating from your kitchen?”
Bob: “Up till now, an incident of this sort hasn’t happened and I intend to keep it this way.”

Eliza: “Share a major achievement you have made as a chef previously?”
Bob: “I contributed a special sauce recipe to serve with the restaurant’s most famous Crisp Fried Fish and it was included in the menu. I also initiated and implemented high quality safe and hygienic work station practices at the restaurant which were highly commended by the head chef.”

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

It was an intense interview process for all ten candidates. It was now time for Bob and Eliza to sit down and make some decisions.

“I’d hire them all if I could” Bob said.

“You, mister I don’t want to be around people.” Eliza smirked.

“I know, I know. But they were all great with their responses.”

“Okay, let’s go over each of them and make our decision.”

“You start!” Bob exclaimed.

Note from the Author: I would like to thank these gallery members for submitting job applicants for Bob’s Breakfast — SoulGal7, sno_1998, sophaloaf123, skcaga6, and EuphorialQueen. I highly recommend checking out these people’s pages within the community gallery. For my fans of House of Pancakes, there will be a poll coming up where you can vote for your favorite staffing. The highest votes for each will become the first staff members of Bob’s Breakfast. As new staff is needed, the next highest will be hired.

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