1.30: Night On The Town

Around 1:30-ish in the morning, Ike is woken up from a scary noise and thinks there is a monster under the bed. This of course wakes up Irwin. Because Ike is freaking out, Irwin is also getting scared. Poor Ike doesn’t want to turn around and actually look under the bed.

Naturally, they had to go wake dad and mom. I was hoping that Reese would save the day and spray under the bed, but nothing like that happened. He didn’t even go into the boys’ bedroom to check it out. He just looked at Ike and laughed…which made me laugh. *laughing* Not a very nice dad to laugh at your child who is scared. So, I sent everyone back to bed after taking care of some of their Needs.

However, Ike wasn’t having it. He won’t go back to bed, so I have him wake dad up again. This time forcing Reese to go into the bedroom and taking care of Ike’s troubles. I was happy to be able to screenshot this. I always find it entertaining when an adult sprays the monster under the bed.

A few in-game hours later, it’s time for the Duran Household to get up. Reese makes breakfast for the family. It’s nice to see the family sitting together eating. It was fun having the twins as toddlers in their highchairs eating alongside Reese and Elizabeth. Now the twins get to sit in the big boy chairs.

I found out that Irwin and Ike do not have school today. They don’t have to go in just for one day before the weekend starts. That is a relief. They have all weekend to do their homework for the first time. I set the Child lifespan to be 14 days, so they only have 13 now since it counted yesterday in-game as the first day. I wish I only had to go to grade school for about two weeks. *laughing*

As Reese goes off to work for his final day of the week, it’s time to watch Elizabeth, Irwin, and Ike do their things autonomously. I think that’s the best part of the Sims game – to watch my Sims do things on their own and see what they want to do rather than me forcing stuff on them. Ike had gone over to watch some television while mom and Irwin hung out together. I decide to go see what Ike is watching. He pulls out his cell phone. Kids at the child stage of life shouldn’t have phones. They’ll constantly be on it. Case in point right here. At least Ike is achieving to Browse Kid-Friendly Websites. “If you’re going to be on your phone, turn off the tv, Ike!” What a waste of electricity. He also seems to want to Watch Diamonds Are For Sims. Isn’t that a romance movie?

I switch back to Reese as I want Ike to do his thing autonomously. I have the settings where the selected Sim has autonomy off, but everyone else runs autonomously. If I remain on Ike, he’ll finish his tasks and then just sit there waiting for me to have him do something.

Irwin decided to take a nap after his chat with his mom. I noticed Ike get up from the couch and walk over to Elizabeth. I figured the other twin will now hang out with mom. Her relationship with the boys is going to be high. I actually like that. However, I got a pop up with Ike asking if it was okay to eat dirt. This must be from that “kid friendly” website he was visiting. I think we all know the answer to that question.

Now that Irwin and Ike can go explore and not be stuck in the apartment or at daycare, it’s time to take them with Reese and Elizabeth for a Night on the Town. There’s a heat wave happening, so when Reese got home from work, everyone switched into their Hot Weather outfits autonomously except for Reese. He came home in his suit, so I switched that out for him.

Then they all headed to the Waterside Warble Karaoke Bar. Reese hasn’t been here in ages it feels like. There’s that silly empty wall space. That still cracks me up. There’s a wall with a door to its right. Who’s going to use that when they can just walk right in via the empty wall space? And someone left their lump of clay laying around. I suspect Elizabeth, Irwin, or Ike will pick that up.

Because of the Night on the Town event, food and drinks are free at the local bars and restaurants. Who doesn’t like free stuff, right? I have Reese order up a Meet and Cheese Platter for snacking.

I notice Elizabeth ordering something as well. Reese just ordered food for the family. I hope she wasn’t ordering food as well. I know it’s free and all, but let’s not overdo it. She ended up ordering herself a drink. I suppose she’ll get thirsty with the platter.

Irwin didn’t want to sit on the hard stools. He was smart and took comfort in one of the lounge chairs.

While snacking away, Reese received a phone call from a Judith Landgraab. She must be calling all apartment tenants about having the power turned off in the next couple days due to a squirrel problem. Reese has learned to expect the unexpected at this point living in San Myshuno. He’s lived without power before for a day. Judith was happy that he was prepared.

Very good. This was just a test to make sure you were ready. Enjoy a discount on your next bill.

– Judith Landgraab

Oh, so there were no squirrel problems? That’s a relief. And he gets a discount on the next month’s rent bill for the utilities.

I thought it would be fun for Reese to sing some karaoke with his boys. Irwin would be up first. He seems to be looking to his dad for guidance. Reese has been practicing a lot at home lately.

Then it was Ike’s turn to duet with dad. Reese and Ike were more into it than Irwin was. These two even attracted an audience. I hope they enjoyed the small show that Reese and Ike put on.

The Duran family spent the rest of the evening in the Myshuno Meadows Central Park located in San Myshuno. It looks to be set up for a wedding. This would have also been a nice spot for Reese and Elizabeth to be married. But taking the plunge and eloping at the Romance Festival was something that was not regretful. Especially for the two lovebirds at the time.

The view at night here is outstanding. Even the the whole Duran family thinks so.

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