1.29: Irwin & Ike Age Up

Today’s the in-game day for the twins, Irwin and Ike, to leave toddlerhood and become the child lifestage. Because the two are so young and they didn’t make any other toddler friends, Reese will throw an aging up party for the two with family only. Uncle Kurt will be invited. Readers will also get to see his new wife. As a Sim can only invite those in their Relationship Panel, I will be having Reese visit Kurt behind the scenes after his work shift, so he can meet Kurt’s wife real quick and have her in the Panel.

While Reese was at work, I worked more on the twins’ toddler skills.

Then when Reese arrived home, it was time to start the aging up celebration. Kurt arrived promptly, but his wife didn’t show up. Hopefully she does later. Elizabeth and Kurt sat on the couch to talk and Irwin came out of the bedroom to see what was going on I guess. He was playing with the tree house with his brother, Ike. Elizabeth then turns her attention to Irwin. He looks a lot like his mom and uncle.

June Landers, Kurt’s wife, finally arrives as Reese was playing with Ike. I was happy she was able to show up. Sometimes when I have my Sims throw parties, not everyone shows up.

June Hallis (now known as June Landers) is created by SCNVM. The creator goes by a different name on the Sims Forums. She enjoys doing Challenges and I am currently following two of them.

Either Ike is curious why Auntie-in-Law June is blue and has weird beady eyes, or he’s interested in that clay mold she is holding. I enjoy the fact that he autonomously approached her, though. It makes it feel she is part of the family.

While Ike was creating an aging up mess on the floor, Irwin is preparing to age up himself. I think I’m going to make Ike clean that mess up when he ages up. *laughing* But right now, Irwin gets the attention as he was the first of the two twins to be born. I don’t think he wants to age up with that facial expression.

Irwin was able to max out three of his toddler skills. Not bad. It was about 50/50% of me controlling him to work on his skills.

(My game quit on me for some reason and I had to restart from my last save. Luckily it was right before I started the Aging Up party. Therefore, some background stuff in the image and future images regarding the event goals and possibly other things will be a little different from the above screenshots.)

Because Irwin had the Charmer trait as a toddler, I picked the Social – Social Butterfly for his Child Aspiration. For his first of three traits, I clicked the Randomized dice. His first trait is going to match either Reese’s or Elizabeth’s. It makes sense for each child to have a trait that matches one of their parent’s. Irwin gets the Outgoing trait. Reese has the Outgoing trait.

So much lag going on in-game while I do this chapter. I tried to get a screenshot of Reese holding Ike like he was for Irwin blowing out the candles and showing off the toddler skills. But for Ike, by the time it paused, Ike and Reese had blown out the candles and Ike placed on the floor. At least he didn’t age up before it paused.

Ike didn’t do as good on his toddler skills as Irwin did. He got close, though. He only maxed out one skill. Another skill was on its way to maxing out while two others were very close to gaining another level. It was also a 50/50% with Ike for gaining skill levels. I helped for about half of it.

Because Ike had the Silly toddler trait, I put him in the Social – Social Butterfly just like his twin brother. It will be good for both to have something in common as twins since they are Fraternal. Then, selecting the Randomized dice, I kept clicking until one of Reese’s or Elizabeth’s traits popped up. Ike receives the Outgoing trait as well. That was a surprise for me.

Too bad neither of the twins picked up a trait their mother has. They could still get one as a Teenager or Young Adult.

After bringing Irwin and Ike into Create-A-Sim (CAS), I went ahead and changed their hair and clothing. I wanted the hair to match close to something with the toddler hair. For the outfits, most of them are the Styled Looks that are pre-made from the game. It’s much quicker to put them in outfits that are already created than spend hours on hours figuring out what to have them wear. I did for some of the outfits, but I had something in mind I wanted the two to wear for specific outfit categories.

Exiting CAS, I found Reese and Elizabeth celebrating their two young ones aging up in their own way, while Irwin and Ike were chatting with each other. I’m guessing Irwin is sharing how great they look all grown up now.

The bedroom for the boys also received a makeover. Because it’s a small room, a bunk bed was placed for the two to sleep in. The doll treehouse was removed. The stuffed dog stayed. And the dresser was changed to a larger one. A large light fixture and a desk were added to the room.

As it’s Thursday in-game, I believe tomorrow Irwin and Ike will be going to school for one day this week. I could make them skip class for one day, but that’s not a good way to start out. The twins are sent to bed right away after the two were able to hang out with each other for the first time at the Child lifestage. Elizabeth ended up cleaning Ike’s toddler mess autonomously. He got lucky.

“Happy Aging Up, Irwin and Ike!”



Bowling (1/10)
Charisma (6/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (10/10)
Dancing (1/10)
Fitness (5/10)
Gourmet Cooking (5/10)
Handiness (5/10)
Mischief (2/10)
Painting (3/10)
Parenting (4/10)
Photography (1/10)
Singing (6/10)
Writing (4/10)


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