1.28: All In A Day’s Work

We skip over the weekend. I pretty much had Reese and Elizabeth help the twins with their skills. Before Irwin and Ike age up to the Child lifestage, I’ll share how they ended with their toddler skills at that point. I also had Reese work on some of his whims so he can use Aspiration Points soon. I’m reaching for a specific goal which I will share when Reese reaches that many points.

As Monday arrives, it’s time for Reese to head back to work. It’s going to be a little time before he gets that next promotion. He needs to increase his Writing and Charisma skill one more level. Charisma will be easy. He’ll continue to spend time at the Library reading those Writing books.

It’s been a few chapters since we followed Reese’s routine, so we’ll refresh it with this one. Reese and family get up together for breakfast time. I think Ike had a potty accident. Mommy will have to take care of that while Reese is at work.

After breakfast, Reese changed into his snazzy suit for work. He looks too professional to me to be in the social media career. But I guess it’s because of his job title. With the MC Command Center mod, I can go in and change work uniforms/outfits. I might test that out down the road to see what new outfits I can make my careered Sims besides the default ones.

While Reese was at work, I went ahead and worked more on Irwin and Ike’s toddler skills. I decided to keep Elizabeth at home until the twins hit the Child lifestage. Then she’ll go back to auditioning for more work.

At work, Reese gets a little bored and wants to spice things up by spreading some celebrity drama. He has the opportunity to get revenge on a couple celebrities. The downside is he would be demoted at work and lose some reputation. The upside would be that his boredom at work would be over and he’d gain a bit of fame. But I think Reese would rather be bored and figure something else out than make things worse for his career.

After Reese got home and before he went off to do his daily routine, he found out rent was due and had to pay his bills.

There’s a thunderstorm out in San Myshuno and poor Reese is scared of thunderstorms. But he’ll push through and make his way to Willow Creek where hopefully there’s no storms.

Heading to the Willow Creek Archive Library, Reese does some work stuff first by getting on the computer and Network with Journalists.

Then Reese continued reading the book, Writing Vol 1: The Conjugation Conundrum. I think he’s read this book a few times. *laughing* The Library doesn’t seem to carry Vol 2 or Vol 3. Reese has a bookshelf at the apartment, so I might go ahead and buy those two books with him there.

After an hour or so of light reading, Reese makes his way back to San Myshuno to the Skye Fitness Gym for a small workout. It’s still thunderstorming out. Luckily he had a break from that during his time in Willow Creek.

After his workout, Reese goes back to the apartment. Elizabeth and the twins waited until he got home to have dinner. It was a late dinner, but that’s alright. It’s going to be like that for awhile during weekdays. Irwin and Ike devoured their sandwiches. Elizabeth was still grabbing her food by the time the twins finished. *laughing*

Then it was time for the twins to go to bed.

Before bed, Reese went ahead to Update Social Media Status. He has to share all the fun things about his wife and twin children afterall.

With a little bit of luck and perfect timing, your Social Media Status Update has intrigued the world. Reese has gained 20 Followers. He now has 2,215 Followers in total.

Then it was Reese and Elizabeth’s turn to put themselves to bed.

This is the routine for Reese for the next few days before it’s time for Irwin and Ike to age up and leave toddlerhood behind.



Bowling (1/10)
Charisma (6/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (9/10)
Dancing (1/10)
Fitness (5/10)
Gourmet Cooking (5/10)
Handiness (5/10)
Mischief (2/10)
Painting (3/10)
Parenting (4/10)
Photography (1/10)
Singing (6/10)
Writing (4/10)


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2 thoughts on “1.28: All In A Day’s Work”

  • Your tagline for the chapter – The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine – lol I am not sure what that means…but if my daily routines lately are any indication of my future, I am going to be a work-a-holic. Gah!

    I think it was a good idea not to choose that Idle Hands scenario. They always turn out badly. Poor Reese, afraid of thunderstorms. Are they still low on funds…just wondering why Reese goes to the library to work on the computer. Anyhow, nice to see them all, as well as the twins. Good idea that Elizabeth just stay home and work on those toddler stills with the kids. Ahhh….and how sweet that they both Adore Reese. 🙂

    • “I am going to be a work-a-holic.” That might be Reese’s too. Working on the clock. Working off the clock. Going to the gym.

      Yeah, I don’t see Reese losing his job or getting demoted over being bored at work. There’s other ways to entertain yourself than cause drama.

      The Duran Household is actually building up some good income. They’re at 48k simoleons right now. We just might see some changes soon of him going to the Library. He now has books at home to read. And the final Milestone of his Aspiration will change things up for sure.

      Yeah, Reese adores Irwin and Ike adores Reese. I’d like to see Irwin have sentiments towards Reese and Reese have sentiments towards Ike as toddlers, but SPOILER ALERT, they’ll age up next chapter.

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