1.27: The Nanny

Kurt’s bedroom turned into a twins toddler bedroom. Two little beds, some toys, a doll house, and a large stuffed animal were added. This should help increase their toddler traits on their own and when I need to give them pushes while Reese is away at work. A tablet was also set up on the table to see if one of the twins would grab it and use it. I won’t force it onto them. I’d like to see one or both autonomously get a hold of it.

After dinner, the twin boys headed straight for the doll house. I let them play for a little bit before bedtime.

It didn’t take long before Irwin and Ike’s Energy Need started to fall into the yellow. I had Reese and Elizabeth put the twins to bed. A successful first day with the toddlers.

Elizabeth wakes up early around 4:00am the next morning and decides to watch some television, specifically some type of romance show. *laughing* But this also wakes up the neighbors and one comes over to pound on the Duran Household’s door. Reese’s new neighbor is the Bheeda Household. A pre-made family with the City Living Pack.

HEY! Can you keep in down in there? It’s way past a respectable hour for all this racket. Keep it down…or else!

Jesminder Bheeda

As Reese is the Founder of this Legacy, I have him wake up to answer the door. The memories of previous chapters where he would go pounding on his neighbors door for the loud noises. Even though Jesminder made a threat with the “or else”, I’m going to have Reese talk this out hopefully. But she begins laying it into Reese about the noise. He counters with that thought bubble of it being not really that noisy. Being a nice neighbor, he decides to be the nice guy.

I’m sorry. You’re right, that was a bit inconsiderate. We’ll try to keep the noise down. Thanks for letting us know, good neighbor.

Throwing some sarcasm in there at the end. *laughing*

When it was breakfast time, I had Reese and Elizabeth put the twins down in the high chairs to eat. I switch back to Reese so he could eat and autonomously Elizabeth takes Irwin out of his chair. Irwin then grabs an omelet plate (which was meant for the adults) and sits down on the floor to eat.

Irwin has the Charmer trait and probably charmed his mom into letting him eat on the floor and have what the parents are having.

At 8:00am in-game time, Reese headed off to work. It’s promotion day. He’s met all his task requirements and his Performance is gold check marked in Excellent.

An hour later in-game, it was time for Elizabeth to go to her audition. I’ve never had a Nanny in any of my games before, so I think it will be fun to check it out, so I had Elizabeth Hire Nanny as she left for her audition.

Hi there! My name is Nanny Teheiura, nice to meet you!

I am sensibly sufficient in every way. I can play, cook, and mentor!

And yes, I’m not opposed to changing diapers and cleaning up messes, if needed. Let’s have a fun day together!

Samaria Teheiura

First thing Ike did when dad and mom left, go for the toilet and play in it. “Eww, Ike!” The Nanny stood by and watched.

Nanny Teheiura helped clean up a little around the apartment.

But when it came to having to make repairs, that was probably beyond the Nanny’s pay grade. The twins were asleep, so she decided to let the sink water run and cook something instead.

Nanny Teheiura seems to be an excellent cook. But she left it out on the now dirty counter and walked away.

Ah, she had to go watch her cooking show. No wonder the Nanny walked away right after. She’s got to see what new foods she can cook.

A few in-game hours later, Elizabeth returns home from her audition with bad news.

There was no sense in keeping the Nanny around anymore. Happy she did some cleaning and cooked their dinner for the night. I have Elizabeth Dismiss her for the day. Her fee was only 86 simoleons. Cheaper than any Nanny one would find in real life. *laughing*

Even though Elizabeth came home with not-so-good news, Reese arrived home with that promotion. Now he’s got a fancy suit to wear along with a few bonuses.


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2 thoughts on “1.27: The Nanny”

  • Great idea on the wabbit tablet and to see if they use it. I always use that to get the toddler’s thinking skill up. There are other ways you can do it, but I find that is the easiest. And you and Elizabeth woke Jesminder up! lol I have never seen this happen with her. I think that Reese and Elizabeth lucked out with the nanny. She may not have repaired the sink, but she did prepare them an excellent meal. Which is exactly what Elizabeth needed after her failed audition – so sorry Elizabeth, and a nice dinner for Reese who got a promotion – congrats Reese!

    • Before the Reboot, one of my twins hogged the tablet. The geeky one…lol! Wouldn’t share it. Every time I took it out of his inventory and placed it where his brother and sister could get it, it would always disappear back into his inventory. Cracked me up.

      The television woke Jesminder up. Elizabeth couldn’t sleep. But it still cracks me up that whenever Reese enters a room where she is, he gets all flirty. Didn’t help she was watching a romance show.

      I may try the nanny again at another time to see how she interacts with the twins. Not sure yet.

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