1.26: Irwin & Ike Age Up

Reese ended up not getting any work related tasks done last night in-game, so he received a disappointed notification from his boss with 0 simoleons. It does make sense he didn’t get paid. But he did get to spend quality time with his twin nooboos.

Today Reese goes back to work. He’ll do his normal routine today as Elizabeth will be at home with the twins. Again, in a Flirty mood when he’s around his wife. *laughing*

I went ahead and signed Elizabeth up for another audition. I don’t want to keep displaying what auditions she goes for, in case I do have a future Duran heir(ess) in this role. I’d like to keep a lot of them a surprise to those who haven’t gone through the Acting auditions on their own and would like to see all the different types.

Reese arrives home in his athletic gear after a small workout from the Skye Fitness Gym. Normally he automatically switched to his Everyday Outfit. Guessing he’s in a rush to see his twin nooboos age up.

I want to make sure the two age up before dinner time. Irwin was born first of the two, so Irwin gets to age up first. Clicking the randomizing dice, the Charmer toddler trait was the first to pop up, so Irwin ends up a talkative toddler it looks like.

Then it was nooboo Ike’s turn to age up. He randomly gets the Silly toddler trait. I guess he’s going to be the funny one of the twins.

I run Irwin and Ike into Create-A-Sim (CAS) to change their outfits only.

Irwin is up first. He’s got the Elizabeth hair and eyes color, so I went through the Styled Looks to see what could be done to make mommy proud. I found The Warm And Fuzzies look which has him wearing glasses and have some darker colors for the Everyday look.

Ike received Reese’s hair color, but has Elizabeth’s eye color. I removed the hat. I want to show off the hair the game gave him. I tried to find a nice city look for his Everyday outfit using the Styled Looks option.

It turns out Irwin and Ike are fraternal twins and not identical. Before the Reboot, my Founder had twins as well. But they were complete identical. The game even gave them names that were the same except for one letter difference. Fraternal twins are better to keep track of who is who for any readers following along as well.

With MC Command Center Mod, I have set the aging process for toddlers to 7 in-game days. I think this should be plenty of time to work on Irwin and Ike’s toddler skills. Reese is the main focus, but if I send him off to work, he goes off to his rabbit hole where I can’t follow and thus allows me to do things with the rest of the household.

I’m also happy that Reese and Elizabeth will still be Young Adults when the twins age up to the Child lifestage.



Bowling (1/10)
Charisma (6/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (9/10)
Dancing (1/10)
Fitness (5/10)
Gourmet Cooking (5/10)
Handiness (5/10)
Mischief (2/10)
Painting (3/10)
Parenting (3/10)
Photography (1/10)
Singing (5/10)
Writing (3/10)


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4 thoughts on “1.26: Irwin & Ike Age Up”

  • You lucked out on those traits. When I do that random dice, I usually get fussy, or clingy. lol Ahhh…they are such sweet toddlers, and I love when they hug each other. When parenthood first came out, and I had my first sim toddlers, you have no idea how many screenshots I took of those toddlers. lol Even when they are crying and angry, toddlers are cute. So sorry that Reese didn’t get a good report from his boss. Oh well. Nice that Elizabeth will have another audition.

    • I seem to always roll the good ones. I like it. But sometimes I would like one of the other ones just for funsies.

      Toddlers are fun to watch in The Sims. I like the fact that Irwin looks like Elizabeth a lot with those glasses on. Ike “kinda” looks like Reese.

  • I love that each toddler has a different parent’s hair color. They’re adorable. I find that 7 days is enough time to get both toddlers to top-notch toddler, but it’s a bit of a grind. It’s easiest when the toddlers help each other by, for example, talking (building communication skills) while doing other things.

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