1.25: Baby, Baby

A little after 7:00pm in-game, Elizabeth finally goes into labor. I have her go to the hospital with Reese. When they arrive, there’s a ghost doctor waiting. Reese doesn’t seem too thrilled about that. Can a ghost doctor deliver babies? Reese goes into panic mode.

I have no idea why Reese’s mood is Flirty right now, but I like it. Especially when his Energy Need is in the yellow, which means he’s tired. I have him go ahead and Check-in at Front Desk. Elizabeth follows suit and waits. It looks like she wants to have this baby already.

Soon it’s go time and Elizabeth changes into the hospital gown. She autonomously heads to the delivery room and I have Reese follow. The ghost doctor is right behind them, so it does look like he will be delivering the nooboo.

Priceless Reese reaction as Elizabeth tries to remain calm.

And then the moment of truth. It’s a boy! I changed the Last Name from Landers-Duran to just Duran as the next heir(ess) will use the same last name as the Founder. For the First Name, I clicked on the dice to get a randomized name and Irwin was the first to pop up. So, Reese and Elizabeth’s nooboo coming into the world has the name Irwin Duran.

But then… another CONGRATULATIONS… came up. Another boy? Twins? Same routine as the first nooboo. This time, the name Ike came up for the First Name. Now Reese and Elizabeth have a second nooboo coming into the world with the name of Ike Duran.

I know a couple of my readers were hoping Reese and Elizabeth would have twins or triplets. Of course, the Lot Trait of On Key Line helped. But if another CONGRATULATIONS… screen comes up, I don’t know what I am going to do. Will there be enough room in that apartment for three children? But then there was no third screen to name a baby. No triplets.

Now Reese’s Energy Need is the orange. He’s going to collapse soon. I have him and Elizabeth change into their sleepwear and hold their nooboos. “Welcome to the family, Irwin and Ike!”

Looking at the Calendar, Elizabeth stopped aging while she was pregnant and therefore will age up after Reese instead of before. I set it up through MC Command Center that babies age up three days after being born. It’s counting the day they were born as the first day. Babies don’t do much in The Sims 4. I wish there were options to have babies carried to other Lots and more.

A new day arrives and because Elizabeth has her commercial she needs to shoot, Reese will be working from home today. Daycare is free, but I like a gameplay challenge to see if Reese can work and take care of his twin nooboos at the same time. Plus I don’t think the commercial is going to take too long to shoot.

Looking at the objectives for working at home, it looks like Reese will not be able to complete them at home. He has to use a computer for one, and go to Uptown for the other. So, it looks like it’s baby time while Elizabeth is shooting her commercial. This will help with Reese gaining some Parenting skills perhaps. He also needs to continue on his Singing skills. He has to redeem himself at the Karaoke Contest. Neither myself or Reese have not forgotten about that.

Every time Elizabeth enters the room, Reese becomes Flirty. This guy cracks me up. He really loves his wife. But no woohoo for now. Two nooboos is enough! He’ll need to perform other forms of attraction with her.

It was time for Elizabeth to go to work and do that commercial. I didn’t realize I could join her. Because she isn’t the Founder, I’ll be sending her off alone. It’s good to know if a future Duran goes into the Acting career, I’ll be able to follow them. “Have fun, Elizabeth!”

One nice thing about either working from home or having a day off, you can stay in your sleepwear. I typically do that myself. Why dirty up clothes if you don’t need to.

I did a little cheating for my own benefit. It’s not really cheating actually because this is not a challenge gameplay or story. When Elizabeth arrived home, I had Reese invite Kurt over and then added Kurt to the family. From there, I had him take a picture of Reese and Elizabeth holding the twins. I then moved the photo from Kurt’s inventory to Reese’s. I then moved Kurt back into the household with his new wife.

Andrew’s Pose Player is fun to use for storytelling. As this is just a gameplay, I want to keep the poses of my Sims natural to the game itself. Maybe one day, the Sims Developers will create special poses so when photos of others are taken, they look more genuine.



Bowling (1/10)
Charisma (6/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (9/10)
Dancing (1/10)
Fitness (4/10)
Gourmet Cooking (5/10)
Handiness (5/10)
Mischief (2/10)
Painting (3/10)
Parenting (3/10)
Photography (1/10)
Singing (5/10)
Writing (3/10)


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4 thoughts on “1.25: Baby, Baby”

  • Yeah! I was hoping they would have twins! And they are both boys! Irwin and Ike, love that ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats on the additions to the family. Love that they have a photo of both Reese and Elizabeth holding the babies. What I did in one legacy I am playing is take individual photos of each baby, then as a toddler, then they take a selfie as a child and teen and so on. Makes for a timeline of photos in their life.

    • The Sims Developers need to create photo albums where we can put pictures taken into. Have it so the Sim themselves can look at it and gain moods, but also have the player be able to look and flip through it also for screenshots and such.

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