1.24: Artistic Impression

It is time to continue working on Reese’s City Native Aspiration. To complete this next Milestone he needs to Complete a Mural at the Arts Center. He has no Painting skills what-so-ever. Hopefully it won’t take him too long to complete.

I pulled Elizabeth along to help Reese perhaps. Or to be there for morale support. The weather is partly cloudy and hot outside. So, the game put both Reese and Elizabeth in their Hot Weather outfit.

There was an option to Paint City Mural, but Reese needs Painting skill level 3. Since he is out to be a City Native, I’d really like him to paint that type.

Reese heads over to one of the canvases at the Arts Center and brushes up on his Painting skill. Did you see what I did there?

Elizabeth came over autonomously to check up on her newlywed and see what he was doing. How sweet of her.

After he completed his very first painting, I thought it would be fun to try out the List on Plopsy option. Before the Reboot, my Founder had the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration. He would either keep the paintings himself or sell them to a Collector. It’s time to try something new I’ve never done.

I have Reese continue doing paintings and talking to Elizabeth until his Needs start going into the yellow. Then it’s time to head home to their apartment to fill these Needs. Reese ended up putting 5 paintings on Plopsy and his Painting skill is at level 3 with 60% complete to level 4. With going back to work tomorrow in-game and a nooboo on the way over the week, he’ll have to wait until next weekend to work on that mural. But now he has a little experience under his belt.

Overnight, MC Command Center Mod was busy. I was most shocked that Kurt got married so soon. *laughing* But most of his other Friends got married as well. Willow, Mandy, and Kristen all got married. Geeta passed away. I’m guessing when Reese wakes up, he’s going to have a Sad moodlet because of that. She was married to a Vatore. I’m surprised he just didn’t bite her and make her immortal. *laughing more*

Now that Monday arrives, it’s back to work for Reese. He’s got a schedule he sticks to, but will be tweaking it a bit now that he is married. He gets up, has breakfast with his wife, gets ready for work, goes to work, goes to the library to Network with Journalists, heads to the gym for a bit of exercise, and then goes back home to be with his wife again.

While Reese is at work, I can play Elizabeth. She isn’t the focus of the Legacy, but she does play a role now. So when the Legacy founder or heir(ess) is away in their rabbit hole where I can’t play them, I’ll play with other household members.

I have Elizabeth check for any open auditions for work. There’s a few choices that pop up. Salty Suds Commercial seems to be the best payout as well as most comfortable for a pregnant woman. So I have her apply for that one. The audition is tomorrow in-game time and if she gets it, she needs to be back the next day. She should be due to having her baby on audition day, so let’s hope the nooboo doesn’t arrive before the time she needs to go in for the part. *laughing*

The next morning while Reese was having breakfast, a notification popped up that one of his paintings on Plopsy has an interested party wanting to buy it. He made 295 simoleons from it. Then received another notification that another Sim wanted to buy one of his other paintings. That one sold for 270 simoleons.

Then it was work time for Reese. His wife is due today to have the nooboo, let’s hope she doesn’t have it until after he gets home. I was going to allow him to work from home today, but it slipped my mind and I forgot. So, it’s take a chance time.

An hour later, pregnant Elizabeth heads off to her audition for the Salty Suds Commercial. This is all done autonomously. She decides not to change out of her sleepwear. Maybe that’s part of her act? Or perhaps she just forgot. *laughing* I hope she gets the spot.

Two hours later in-game time and Elizabeth arrives home from the audition.


Congratulations Elizabeth. You’ve acquired the role of Pirate Spokeswoman.

The placement algorithms successfully predicted that you were naturally adept as passing as a unkempt, violent human with a barely functional grasp of language.

Not sure about that last part, but I guess congratulations are in order.

Reese arrives home around 4:00pm. He’s going to skip his daily routine today as we don’t know when Elizabeth is going to need to go to the hospital. He was lucky she didn’t pop while he was at work.



Bowling (1/10)
Charisma (6/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (9/10)
Dancing (1/10)
Fitness (4/10)
Gourmet Cooking (5/10)
Handiness (5/10)
Mischief (2/10)
Painting (3/10)
Photography (1/10)
Singing (4/10)
Writing (3/10)

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2 thoughts on “1.24: Artistic Impression”

  • Nice that Reese did some painting and that he used Plopsy to try to sell his art pieces. Ha! Funny how Kurt is on his own and got married right away, due to MCC Command. How he has a partner-in-crime to combat those apartment gremlins. Reese seems to be doing well in his career, and yes, Elizabeth aces her audition in her lingerie! hehehe Excited to see what nooboo pops out! Woot!

    • Kurt got married to another Sim I added to the game, but Reese never encountered. I found that interesting.

      I cracked up a lot that Elizabeth went to the audition in her nightie. But it worked, so kudos to her.

      Nooboo will be introduced in next chapter. 🙂

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