1.23: Moving In & Moving Out

Now that Reese and Elizabeth are married, I went ahead and made all the other Sims I uploaded from the Sims Gallery to Unplayed. This allows MC Command Center Mod to randomly pick and choose who will get married to who and who will have children from them now.

I decided to have Reese move in with Elizabeth and Kurt. It’s a two bedroom apartment. It’ll be easier when nooboos come into play. There’s no room in Reese’s previous apartment to create a second room. His new apartment living is still in the Spice District. He just moved complexes.

Reese loses the Gremlins Lot Trait which is good. I am sure the repairman will miss Reese a lot. Especially his simoleons. There are two new ones. Good Schools (which should help when the nooboos get to that stage of going to school) and On Key Line (to help possibly having twin nooboos come into the Sim world).

Before going to the Romance Festival, I had gathered up Reese’s things and put them in his inventory space. This included his microphone, all his pictures he had taken, and the eggs he found in his egg hunt. However, I am disappointed to say that the pictures all got ruined somehow. They turned completely black. Another glitch? At least new pictures can be taken. Good news is that I had Kurt take a picture of the two newlyweds and that is still in good condition. So Reese and Elizabeth have a wedding photo.

While Kurt was occupying himself doing other things, Reese and Elizabeth continued celebrating their wedding when they got home from the Romance Festival.

I have MC Command Center Mod set with a 50/50 percent chance of babies happening whether Try for Baby or not. All they have to do is woohoo. I have Elizabeth take a pregnancy test after Reese had fallen asleep. Good news is about to reach Reese’s ears.

Look at Reese’s reaction. *laughing* He’s got the “How did this happen?” look. I don’t think Reese had the birds and the bees talk. He eventually warmed up to it.

As Sunday arrives, it’s also Kurt’s Aging Up Day. I don’t like the term Birthday for my Sims. The timeframe is too inconsistent for me to call them Birthdays.

Reese, Elizabeth, and Kurt have breakfast together. The newlyweds are still in a Very Flirty mood from the night before.

Because Kurt is Aging Up and there’s going to be a baby in the apartment in a few in-game days, it’s time for Kurt to live a life of his own. I’ll be moving him into Reese’s old apartment. Poor guy will have to deal with a bunch of gremlins wrecking the place. Luckily for him, I will have him on Unplayed, so he won’t technically have to deal with all that.

It’s also the first day of Summer. Here is a sneak peek at what the Summer time looks like coming up for Reese and family. Kurt’s Aging Up Day is today. Then we have Elizabeth’s 12 days after. And then Reese’s Aging Up day is a day after hers. Also, on Reese’s Aging Up Day, it’s Summerfest. As mentioned in a previous chapter, there will be a holiday for each of the four Seasons.

Here’s Kurt overreacting a little bit before it’s time for him to Age Up. He knows it’s time for him to move out and he doesn’t want to. He’s got to try and make excuses to stay living there with his sis and brother-in-law.

Around noon, it was time for Kurt to finally Age Up. Elizabeth was too busy being sick and throwing up in the bathroom. Reese was there to support Kurt. “Happy Aging Up, Kurt!”

Because he was a Teenager, he had one more trait to receive. As he’s not a Duran, I decided not to randomize it. I wanted something to fit with his Aspiration of being a Musical Genius. The Music Lover trait was the best choice. Elizabeth was able to get in on the celebration at the end. That is nice.

Then it’s time for Kurt to take his leave and lead his own life. I move him out of the Duran household into his own and place him in Reese’s old apartment and set him to Unplayed.



Bowling (1/10)
Charisma (6/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (8/10)
Dancing (1/10)
Fitness (4/10)
Gourmet Cooking (5/10)
Handiness (5/10)
Mischief (2/10)
Photography (1/10)
Singing (4/10)
Writing (3/10)


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4 thoughts on “1.23: Moving In & Moving Out”

    • Probably give the same reaction he did when he found out Elizabeth was pregnant… “How did this happen?” 😀

  • Nothing like kicking Elizabeth’s brother to the curb…and put him in Reese’s old apartment with the gremlins. Okay, you’re a young adult now and your sister is pregnant, so no room for you anymore. Too funny And congrats on the nooboo news. I am secretly hoping they are twins 🙂

    • Maybe Kurt can make friends with the gremlins and not be such a Loner then. 😀 But I do laugh that on the forums thread for this gameplay, someone else felt the same way as you… “Happy Aging Up Kurt, get out!” 😀 😀 😀

      A lot of folks want to see twins or triplets happen with these two. The Lot Trait of “On Key Line” does help, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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