1.21: Springfest

The next few in-game days, Reese did his usual daily routine. He would get up, have his Needs taken care of, go to work, come home, go to the Willow Creek Archive Library and use their computers to Network with Journalists, go to the Skye Fitness Gym, go home, get his Needs taken care of, and go to bed. During times he was at home, I would have Reese either call or text Elizabeth. The life of a working man.

When Friday arrived in-game time, a new created Holiday popped up. The game generates a Harvestfest (The Sims version of Thanksgiving) and Winterfest (The Sims version of Christmas). So I created one for Spring and Summer as well.

Springfest is my Sims version of Easter in its own little way. It’s more about the bunny and eggs than the religious part of it. To fully embrace Springfest, Reese should participate in the Egg Hunt where a bunch of eggs will be hidden around his apartment. I’m going to pretend the Flower Bunny planted them overnight while Reese was sleeping. Kind of like when Santa arrives and puts presents under the tree. Speaking of the Flower Bunny, it will make an appearance, so Reese should enjoy its company. Finally, Reese should give flowers to someone for Springfest to fully enjoy the Holiday. A perfect time for a third date with Elizabeth I say, right?

But first, Reese will need to bring home the dough for the day. Since it’s Friday, he won’t have work for the weekend, so he can stay up late, pending he’s not too tired.

At work, Reese is developing new content for the game and its gone viral all over the social media platform. Reese needs to decide if he wants to go public with his voice or remain behind the scenes quietly. Reese isn’t one to keep quiet in my opinion.

Reese’s users hate him! How could Reese have held out on this information for so long. These users are his biggest fans, and they should have heard the news from the source, not from some leak.

Reese lost 200 Followers.

Ouch. What if Reese was going to announce the new content with a surprise? Or maybe the content wasn’t ready to be announced yet. Has his fans ever thought of that? Geesh! “Sorry, Reese!” This is a setback. He might not get promoted on Monday. Hopefully Tuesday, though.

After work, Reese invites Elizabeth on a third date. This time, at his own apartment. A Springfest date. She looks happy to see him.

Reese’s Fun Need is the orange, so that will have to be worked on during the date.

Part of Springfest is to give someone flowers. I wish the game had a bouquet to purchase, but I could only find single flowers. Reese gave Elizabeth a rose last time, so I thought it would be nice if he gave her something else this time.

A pretty tulip for a pretty lady. And it matches her outfit. As soon as Reese showed Elizabeth her flowery gift, the Flower Bunny arrived. It must have sensed what Reese did.

Reese does a Cheerful Introduction with the Flower Bunny and I have him talk to the Bunny about his girlfriend.

Then it was back to the date with Reese and Elizabeth. I have them sit on the couch together and under the Romance section, had Reese Flirt with her. Then I let autonomy take over for a bit. He laid his hand on hers on her leg. Reese is putting on the charm!

Then Reese and Elizabeth have dinner together. I had him make Chicken Primavera. I like how he stares at her while they both eat. These two are definitely madly in love with each other.

As the dating timer is about to finish, I think it was time for Reese to ask Elizabeth a very important question.

Reese is proposing to Elizabeth!

The reaction of Elizabeth and Reese says it all!

Picture time, again! This time, I’ll have a couple of these ones go on Reese’s bedroom wall.

Later, after Elizabeth left for the evening, I had Reese dig around his apartment for eggs. He didn’t hang out long enough with the Flower Bunny to get credit for the Holiday event, but I think he is okay with that. He got something better for Springfest.

Before sending Reese off to bed, I have him display the three eggs he did find around his apartment. He found one in his bed, in the living room couch, and a third in the refrigerator.



Bowling (1/10)
Charisma (6/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (7/10)
Fitness (4/10)
Gourmet Cooking (5/10)
Handiness (5/10)
Mischief (2/10)
Photography (1/10)
Singing (3/10)
Writing (3/10)


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6 thoughts on “1.21: Springfest”

  • I love that sentiment – you are my jam! lol I would say that Springfest and Reese’s date with Elizabeth went rather well. And now they are engaged! Yes!

  • They’re engaged! I wasn’t expecting that to happen, but I’m happy it did. Despite the hopefully minor setback with his job, I’m happy things appear to be going well for Reese. I look forward to them actually being married.

    • I say shame on those 200 Followers who left. The new content may have been leaked early. I’m sure Reese would have announced the new stuff when the time was right.

      I like these two as a couple. Not to throw you any spoilers, but I think you’ll enjoy their marriage coming up soon. πŸ˜‰

  • Yikes! Reese’s setback with work. 😬 Losing 200 followers is rough.

    Congrats Elizabeth and Reese! So exciting! I didn’t expect a proposal after 3 dates but I’m happy for them.

    • This *is* the Sims. Things have to move along faster than real life…lol! I think before the Reboot, my Founder only went on two dates.

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