1.20: Humor and Hijinks Festival

So, I completely forgot that I could go into Build/Buy Mode of the game and change the sizes of any object. This includes pictures. I ended up selling the photos Reese took of Elizabeth for simoleons and not clutter up his inventory. Next time Reese sees Elizabeth, he’ll take some more photos of her. But this time, he’ll hold onto them and put them up on his walls.

Sunday arrives and so do the gremlins. After a quick bowl of cereal to satisfy his Hunger Need, Reese calls up the repairman to help him fix the mess happening in his apartment.

Then we skip ahead to Monday. The work week starts for Reese. He’s ready for another promotion, but has a little bit of work to do off the clock. He needs to get his Charisma up to level 6. He’s almost there. Reese also has to work on getting more Followers. Hopefully by the end of the week in-game time, he can reach the amount needed for that promotion.

After work, Reese gets to pay his weekly bills. I mentioned it in the first chapter he received his bills and I’ll say it again… It makes me laugh to see the apartment mailbox jam packed with junk mail. I wish there was an option to clean it out, but I understand it is part of the game itself.

I’m happy the cost of apartment renting isn’t horrendous. He’s slowly making his way back to his original 20,000 simoleons he started with before moving to San Myshuno.

The Humor and Hijinks Festival returns to San Myshuno.

Last time, Reese went to the festival with Willow Winters and was on Team Humor. Today Reese is going to go solo and register for Team Hijinks. If Willow arrives, he’ll have to avoid her. We don’t need her going she-hulk on him again. He was able to repair that damage and become Friend status with her after he pulled a harmless prank on Prank Day. I didn’t want Reese to invite Elizabeth to go with for pranking. Not sure how she is going to handle getting pranked. I might be surprised and see Reese run into her at the festival.

Also, when he attended the festival last time, Reese bought a souvenir t-shirt. So it’s only fitting he wears the shirt to the festival this time around. I have him go ahead and drink from the Pranksters fountain to signify he is joining Team Hijinks.

I’m real curious about this Devilish Voodoo thing and need to have Reese check it out. With that being said, I have him buy a Madame Zoe’s Voodoo Doll from the swag stall.

After a quick bathroom break, as his Bladder Need was in the yellow, Reese did a Friendly Introduction to someone he saw on Team Humor. He has an ulterior motive of course. Her name is Penny Lothario. The game married her with Don Lothario. Perhaps that should be the biggest prank. *laughing*

Anyway, I have Reese do a couple of Friendly Interactions. I think one of her team partners has an idea what Reese is about to do and is trying to warn Penny. Chatting with Penny, Reese comes to find out she is a co-worker. All the better to prank.

The moment of truth is upon Reese. He chooses to bind his voodoo doll to Penny. After the fact, I really should have bound it to Hinata as she was the one trying to warn Penny. There’s always next time.

The sorcery. I didn’t know Reese had it in him. *laughing*

Oh my gawd! The horror! I had Reese Poke the voodoo doll and he stabs it like he’s murdering someone. I did not expect that all. That is not Reese. So not family friendly! *laughing hard*

Okay. Time to Cuddle this doll to make up for that stabbing. I can’t stop laughing at that. Because Reese’s mischief level is low, the voodoo doll won’t work properly. I had to look it up on The Sims Wiki. Oh, well. I had a good laugh from it and I hope any readers did as well.

Reese went around to others working on his pranks for the Team Hijinks. The other team were in the lead and Reese had to do what he could to help his own team. Even though it was a light rain outside, I was determined to have Reese score points for the Pranksters.

In the end, it wasn’t enough. Team Humor won and the Jokesters received their prizes. Hinata was happy. She even made some sort of joke about food knowing Reese was hungry. He has a small smile on his face, but autonomously he went to watch the fireworks.



Bowling (1/10)
Charisma (5/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (7/10)
Fitness (3/10)
Gourmet Cooking (3/10)
Handiness (5/10)
Mischief (2/10)
Photography (1/10)
Singing (3/10)
Writing (3/10)


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4 thoughts on “1.20: Humor and Hijinks Festival”

  • Voodoo? Not sure I’ve ever used it myself in game. How interesting! I wonder if his mischief level was higher if Pe nny would have reacted as if she was being stabbed. Yikes! Not family friendly is right 😬

    • The voodoo doll changes their emotions upon different actions to the doll is what I found out on the wiki. Mischief level 4 is needed. The higher the level, the more one can do to the voodoo doll.

      I figured Reese would poke the doll with a pin or something. Or even just add pins to the doll. Nope. Murder stab action. Threw me in shock. 😀

  • Oh it’s too bad Reese didn’t win with the pranksters because he would have won a voodoo doll. But it looks like he had fun with that voodoo doll anyway.

    • Yeah….. Reese was a little too creepy with that voodoo doll. Not sure I want him playing with one in the future after I saw what he did. 😀

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