1.19: Protest

The weekend has arrived for Reese. No work for the next two days. Last night in-game he had a successful date with Elizabeth Landers. He now has a girlfriend. Maybe they could go out on another date today since it’s the weekend. Two dates in a row should help that romance level get even higher. He learned all of her traits in one sitting which I think is unusual in The Sims game. At least for me.

Mentioned in the last chapter, I am having Reese buy a camera. Cell phones are good for taking pictures, but they are small if you want to have them displayed on walls. They look better as pictures for tables and nightstands. When Reese wakes up close to 7:30am because he’s hungry for breakfast, I have him purchase the Better Barely Digital Camera. Not sure how well that works for displaying larger photos, but I’ll find out soon.

Here is another fun tidbit in regards to Elizabeth Landers. I never paid attention until after she hooked up with Reese. She also lives in the Spice District as Reese. She lives in the second apartment complex next to the one he lives in, Jasmine Suites Apartments. I noticed that in her Profile, it says she is a neighbor. I didn’t realize that it meant because she lived in the same District. Another way of realizing these two were made for each other.

It is close to noon in-game time when I have Reese call up Elizabeth for a second date. Since the two live in the Spice District, I have them meet up at the Waterside Warble located in the same District.

I found this very odd and hope it’s not just my gameplay. The Waterside Warble has a door to enter, but there seems to also be an open spot between two walls. How does this make sense? If one looks behind Reese, there is an open wall space to enter the bar, but just to the right are the doors. I ended up opening other gameplay saves I had from stories I was working on just to check. Yep. In all of them, there is that open wall space. Realistically that won’t be good for a rainstorm. Worse for a snowstorm. Sims logic at play.

Inside, I had Reese order a round of drinks. I’m happy he’s in a relationship now and he should celebrate it even today in-game. However, this turned into an Awkward Encounter. Maybe he should have just ordered for himself and Elizabeth.

I have Reese continue his Flirty actions on Elizabeth to hopefully turn things around. One of the patrons sitting next to them isn’t impressed. Look at her face. *laughing* Or maybe she’s just jealous.

After their drinks, I have Reese give Elizabeth a shoulder massage. That was too tense. No giving a round of drinks on a date. At least now their Awkward Encounter has turned into a Suggestive Conversation. This is more like it. Just the two of them.

Reese has seen Elizabeth sing karaoke, but she hasn’t him. We know three others weren’t too keen on his voice. I am curious to see how Elizabeth responds to his singing.

Since Elizabeth seems to like the color purple and the purplish-pink karaoke room is available, that is where the two headed. I had them sing a duet together. Poor Reese constantly turned away while he was singing. Maybe he was embarrassed. Elizabeth kept her eyes on him, though. He might not be a great singer, but she isn’t judging him like the others did. “You’ve got a keeper, Reese!”

After they did some duet singing, I wanted Reese to take pictures of Elizabeth. They turned out great, but because the camera is phone size, the photos ended up being the same size as if taken via the phone. Time for Reese to upgrade his camera.

There was a bunch of noise happening outside the bar. Another protest was going on. I had Reese and Elizabeth go check it out. By the looks of the signs being waved it looks like a police badge symbol. Are my Sims protesting real world issues happening right now? *laughing* Do they want police reform? Not to go all political, but I think in the real world, the “defund the police” is just silly and stupid. So there’s no way I’m thinking that is what is going on in my gameplay. But I do believe there needs to be police reform. Better training. More accountability. That kind of stuff. So, that is what I am seeing in my gameplay at this protest.

And I think Reese would be willing to support that. Reese will be happy to Give Donation to Protester. It’s for a good cause. And part of his City Native Aspiration milestone is to give to Donate to a Protester.

I turned the camera around to see how Elizabeth was doing during the protest. She was gone. I guess she wasn’t having anything to do with it. I feel her. But where did she go? I was hoping she didn’t leave the Lot. The date was still going on.

I found her back just outside the Waterside Warble playing with a clay mold. She was enjoying that more than the protest. Now I feel bad. But Reese needed to see what was going on and work on his Aspiration if the protest was good enough.

This is how Reese made it up to Elizabeth! That is how Reese finishes a Legendary Date.

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9 thoughts on “1.19: Protest”

  • It is just destiny and Reese and Elizabeth are together. I have to say, I just love the karaoke in this game. I am always surprised at how a sim sings or doesn’t sing. Anyway, I just could stay there with a sim all day and listen to the singing. And it looks like Reese and Elizabeth had a great duet together. But, yeah, no buying a round of drinks for everyone, just your date, Reese. Oh a protest? Reese does seem interested in it, but not so for Elizabeth. However, I do like how Reese made it up to her. Ahhh…these two are meant to be πŸ™‚ Great date!

    • These two were definitely made for each other. I liked the fact she didn’t judge him on his singing like the other listeners did in a previous chapter…lol!

      I didn’t realize how awkward it got when he did that. Lesson learned. Only buy drinks for your date! πŸ˜€

  • I’m pretty sure I’m not missing that piece of wall in my karoke bar.
    I took pictures from there about three weeks ago.
    It’s weird. πŸ€”

    Nice that Lee has found his only one. Congratulations.πŸ₯°

    • Really? All my saves have that wall piece and some other wall pieces missing. It is really weird.

      I think you’re confusing Reese with SoulGal’s Survivor’s Lee. πŸ˜€

  • I always thought my game glitched out with Waterside Warble. I think I’ve renovated it or replaced it in every game I’ve played. It’s not just you. It’s City Living. Weird??!?

    It’s nice to see that Elizabeth is accepting of Reese, poor singing and all! Actually, has he improved? Last I recall he was practicing in the shower, maybe?

    Such an adorable pose of Elizabeth in that photo! Did I mention I really like her? πŸ˜€Although I have to admit the clay mold quirk or fixation in the Sims games is annoying. Haha.

    Love poetry! Always a solid win! Reese and Elizabeth for the gold!

    • I do hope I don’t get many glitches in City Living. Hopefully just that Waterside Warble one.

      Reese has not gained another Singing Skill level since the rejection of the three women. He does still practice when his Hygiene Need is in the yellow and has to be dealt with. But he doesn’t sing enough to level up.

      I wish we could turn that clay mold stuff off, to be honest. I agree it is very annoying.

    • If the mod doesn’t break or glitch my game, I’ll take it. I want to put back some of my other mods but am scared….lol! I guess I can try and if MC Command Center throws up an error, I’d just have to remove the Mod.

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