1.17: Press Agent

Since Willow Winters is a neighbor in the same apartment complex as Reese, I ended up giving her an apartment key as well since they are now Friends status.

At work the next day, Reese’s company is about to release their new game. He was asked to create the announcement for the new release. He needs to decide if he wants to say something fun or serious about the game. To grab the attention, I think Reese would want to push it with something fun and exciting.

Reese’s fans love it! All those hidden messages about the stories he is going to create. Reese is getting excited each time the fans discover a new layer to the message.

Performance Gain – Large

That is how Reese gets things done!

We swiftly move to the next day. More gremlins breaking all Reese’s utilities. The repairman  from before returns upon calling for a repair service. Reese helps repair as well before needing to go to work to keep the costs down.

Everything looks fixed up and in ship shape. Time for me to go, that will be 127 simoleons.

Two simoleons cheaper than the repairman’s last visit. *laughing*

At work, Reese is checking out the company forums in regards to the latest game release they did. I am going to assume it’s the same game release he was praised for by his viewers on his announcement. But there’s one bad apple who doesn’t like a specific thing about the game and he seems to be on the lines of trolling the forums cause he’s mad. This better not be Willow. *laughing* I believe Reese would try and diffuse the situation and talk to this poster first rather than blocking them right away. He’d only block them from posting if he couldn’t have a decent conversation with this user about the situation.

There was some name calling along the way, but in the end Reese was able to calm everyone.

Performance Gain – Medium

Reese knows what he’s doing. He was made for this career choice.

In fact, Reese is so good at his job, he received yet another promotion. He is now a Press Agent. For his next promotion, he needs to grab quite a bit more Followers and get his Charisma skill up a couple notches to level 6.

Tomorrow in-game, it’s Love Day and Reese wants to have a special date with someone. Even though he is not quite tired yet, Reese updates his Social Media Status and heads off to bed. He has work in the morning and then ask this special someone out on a date.

Updating your Social Media Status has paid off. Paid off in followers! Reese has gained 15 Followers. He now has 1,085 Followers in total.

I had put a voting poll on The Sims Forums exclusively for members of the forums that asked who should Reese move forward with in a relationship. The choices were from the five Friends he made who were also created by Sim creators. The five are Mandy Trammell, Willow Winters, Kristen Plum, Elizabeth Landers, and Jane Plainsfield. All have a unique Friend relationship with Reese.



Charisma (4/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (6/10)
Fitness (3/10)
Gourmet Cooking (3/10)
Handiness (4/10)
Mischief (1/10)
Singing (3/10)
Writing (3/10)

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