1.16: Skye Fitness Gym

The weekend is over and it’s time for Reese to go back to work. It’s promotion day as Promotion Requirement Performance was Excellent and the checkmark was highlighted. He comes back to his apartment as a Community Manager. “Way to go, Reese!” His hours stay the same which is nice. I’m glad he is getting the weekend off.

Week 2 of bills. These Lot Taxes are taking all of Reese’s simoleons. Good to see the utilities aren’t that high.

Part of Reese’s daily routine throughout the week is to go the Willow Creek Archive Library and read a book about Writing and to get on the computer to Network with Journalists for work. He does this after work Monday through Friday.

I’ve noticed when Reese takes a shower (and practices his Singing skill), he’s been putting on a little weight. Not much, but enough that I can see his hips and stomach getting a little bigger. Since there is a gym in San Myshuno, I think it would be appropriate for Reese to add a workout time after hitting the Library. So, after paying his bills, Reese makes his way to the Skye Fitness Gym after visiting the Library. He’s visited here once already after he moved into the city.

He grabs one of the treadmills next to someone who is also on one. As he starts his run, he gives the other Sim a Friendly Introduction. Her name is Supriya Delgato. She’s a Gym Trainer here. Last time Reese was here, Don Lothario was the Gym Trainer. He must have the day off or is working at a different gym today. Reese also does his usual Get to Know and then let’s autonomy take over.

Reese has learned the following traits about Supriya:

  • Genius
  • Active

I eventually have Reese move to one of the other workout machines. Surprisingly, Supriya followed. But when she saw Brant, she stopped to talk to him. I’m guessing she is impressed with those big muscles of his. Look at Reese trying to show off. “They’re not looking, Reese!” *laughing*

I’m not looking for Reese to get those large biceps and such like Brant has. Would be nice to see Reese a little toned up, though. Maybe even give him a six pack stomach…or at least a four pack.

Finally Reese goes for a jog in the cool weather with the night sky before heading back to his apartment.



Charisma (4/10)
Comedy (5/10)
Cooking (6/10)
Fitness (3/10)
Gourmet Cooking (1/10)
Handiness (4/10)
Mischief (1/10)
Singing (3/10)
Writing (3/10)


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4 thoughts on “1.16: Skye Fitness Gym”

  • Congrats on the promotion and great that Reese is practicing singing in the shower. lol And working out at the gym is a great idea, although he doesn’t look like Brant yet. hehehe…No wonder the gym trainer kind of ignored poor Reese after that.

    • Yeah, I don’t see Reese getting pumped like Brant is. He has a lot of work to do if he wants to look like that. 😀

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