1.08: Uptown

Reese woke up around 6:00am with a Hunger Need in the yellow. It was breakfast time and the start his day. Little did he know the pesky gremlins came out to play and broke all his appliances again. Repairing the refrigerator was first again as this is where his breakfast is.

He prepared himself a fruit salad when done, as Reese didn’t feel like using a stove with blue electrical lights coming from it.

Reese was going to work from home again today as there is one more area in San Myshuno he needs to explore within his first week being in the city. After this, he’s hit all the major city spots. There was a park in the city as well, but Reese could explore that another time. If he’s going to blog about stuff, it’s the hot spots he needs to make sure he knows about first.

Reese repaired what he could until around noon. He needed to get out. What was left could wait. He wasn’t able to get to the bathroom sink or the television.

There was a notification for Reese to go check his mail in regards to Vote on Neighborhood Action Plan. So he goes to do that before heading out. I’ve never done this in-game before and now that I am having Reese vote on neighborhood plans, I think it’s a creative idea. Reese voted for Foodies Unite (because who doesn’t like to cook) and Support the Performing Arts (because the city is full of performing arts). Then I had Reese created a new plan for a Fun Loving Community (because who doesn’t like a fun loving community that does stuff together).

Now that Reese is working from home again, he’s visiting Uptown. The most expensive area of San Myshuno. There’s two hot spots that Reese will be visiting. He’ll check out the Skye Fitness Gym first. He could use a good workout. Then in the evening hours, he’ll check out the Stargazer Lounge.

Getting into his fitness wear, Reese finds the Skye Fitness Gym. Going inside, he spots a treadmill to start his workout on. Next to him is another Sim also working out. Reese does his Friendly Introduction to find out it’s Don Lothario. Everyone knows Don; in-game and out-of-game. Don is a Gym Trainer here.

Reese has learned the following traits about Don:

  • Noncommittal

Now that Reese is Energized, he tries practicing his boxing. I bet he’s pretending the punching bag is a gremlin who broke his utilities.

He let out a lot of stress on that punching bag. Now he’s really happy about it that he has a whim to Send a Happy Text (From Being Happy). Reese will text Kristen Plum since they are now in the Friends stage.

After sending Kristen a text, he wandered the Gym and ran into married couple Brent and Brant Hecking. Brent is in a Flirty mood, probably towards his husband. He’s thinking about his love for dogs and Brant looks like he wants to get a cappuccino or coffee. Reese must be telling the two that he’s in the Social Media career and he’s blogging about his adventures throughout the city.

Reese has learned the following traits about Brent:

  • Dog Lover
  • Romantic

Reese has learned the following traits about Brant:

  • Good

Before the Reboot, Brent Hecking was Best Friends with my Founder. I don’t think these two will reach that status, but it’s great to see Brent again. Brant couldn’t wait any longer and left. He really wanted that cappuccino. Reese and Brent continued to autonomously chat until Reese’s Hygiene Need went into the yellow.

Reese bid his farewell to Brent from their Pleasant Conversation to take a shower provided by the Gym. Here’s a small piece of eye candy of a shirtless Reese about to get ready for his evening at the Stargazer Lounge. Not exactly sure why Reese still has the conversation with Brent at the top.

When he arrived at the Lounge, Reese made straight for the bar. Guess it’s good to get a drink to start the evening with. The Mixologist was in a Flirty mood. I’m guessing it was her job to flirt with the patrons. Get them drunk and all. *laughing* An elderly woman was also ordering a drink, while behind the bar a woman was performing a stand up comedy routine for some viewers.

It was quiet at the Lounge as the night went on. But there was a reason for that.

The Spice Festival is in town!

Everyone is probably at the Spice Festival. Reese would go, but he’s dedicated himself to the Lounge tonight while visiting Uptown. Hopefully the festival comes around again soon. In the meantime, Reese would sit and eat his french fries while taking in the scenery. Geeta arrived and just stared at Reese. I’m guessing her son, Raj, told her what happened between the two of them.

One thing myself and Reese noticed about tonight in-game, the elders don’t like spicy food as it seems they are all hanging out here at the Lounge this evening.

Since Reese lived in the Spice Market section of San Myshuno and that’s where the Spice Festival is going on now, he’d stop off at one of the food stalls and complete his first Milestone of being a City Native as a Tourist.



Charisma (2/10)
Comedy (2/10)
Cooking (3/10)
Fitness (2/10)
Handiness (3/10)
Singing (1/10)


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6 thoughts on “1.08: Uptown”

  • For the neighborhood action plans, you vote for the one on the list you want the most added. When votes are tallied on Monday I think the one with the most votes goes into action. Each week you can vote for more until I believe there are four? And you can also work to repeal ones that go into play that you don’t want. But 4 can be active at a time.

  • Can Reese handle spicy food? At any rate, it’s too bad he can’t use all of the handiness skills he’s gaining from the gremlins in his work. It must be a pain to return to a broken apartment after such a long day…

    I’m curious about how the NAPs will play out. With the way sharing-is-caring was on release, I have them completely disabled in my game.

    • Reese and spicy food…good question. He had a little trouble with what he ordered. But it got him his Hunger Need into the green.

      He usually wakes up to everything broken rather than coming home to it. Oh my, what if that ever happens? Busy day and comes home at night to see that. He’s probably just let it all stay broken overnight. 😀

  • Oh those gremlins. I think they might have been here at my house in real life because I had a pipe burst in my garage last weekend, and my tankless water heater short circuited, but all is fine again. What if he called his landlord? I know you can for electrical issues and mice…but what about broken appliances? Anyway, Reese was probably happy getting out of that apartment and go work out at the gym. I like that gym, and it’s the only one that has the bracing breezes lot trait from all the gyms…as far as I know. But his night out at the Stargazer Lounge…oh gee…that was an epic fail. Forget that Reese, if the Spice Festival is in town, head there! You will probably meet a “spicy” someone who you could get to know better! hehehe

    • I keep forgetting to try the landlord. I need to write myself a note for when the gremlins come out again.

      I liked Skye Fitness Gym as well. Reese might make a habit of going there. He met a few acquaintances there. Maybe he’ll run into the same group.

      LOL @ epic fail going to the Lounge. It sure was…unless he wanted to pick up old Sims. 😀

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