1.07: Fashion District

Reese went to bed early as he was really tired, his Energy Need being in the orange. About half an hour to midnight, he is awoken by blaring music. It’s coming from across the hall where the elderly woman, Geeta, and her son Raj live. Reese is fuming mad. He goes over to Pound on Door.

Raj comes out to answer the door. He seems to be trying to justify why he’s playing such loud music at this hour. Reese isn’t having any of it. In fact, Reese has a whim to Be Mean to Someone (From Being Angry). He insults Raj’s face. “Harsh, Reese!” This makes Raj sad, but I don’t think Reese cares at this point. He might after he gets some sleep. His Energy Need has moved up from orange to yellow, but he’s still really tired.

Raj throws his own tantrum back. But Reese gets another whim to Mock Someone (From Being Angry). And since Raj is there causing the trouble, who else better for Reese to mock. Now Raj went from the Sad mood to Angry. Why am I not surprised. It turns into an Offensive Conversation.

Since Reese didn’t have anymore whims for being Angry, I decided to sit back and let these two hash it out autonomously and I can say I was very amused. The two end up having some red in their relationship.

Reese was able to get some sleep after that throwdown with Raj, but will end up being tired real soon. So, he will use some of his earned Satisfaction Points to fix this problem. Unfortunately, Reese doesn’t have enough Points to use in the Reward Store to do so. It looks like he’ll be taking naps throughout the day. Raj can be thanked for that.

Reese is going to work from home again. His boss liked the work he did yesterday in-game, but he only made 70 simoleons from it. I want him to spend the days exploring two more sections of San Myshuno and then he’ll go back to the workplace instead of working from home. This time his boss wants him to Level Up Charisma Skill and Get Playful.

Today in-game, Reese is going to visit the Fashion District. When there’s no festivals going on here, the main attraction is the Planet Honey Pop! Karaoke Bar. Looks like karaoke bars are a big thing in the city.

Just outside the Karaoke Bar, Kristen was playing her guitar. Reese had just called her last night in-game. Maybe the game knew I wanted to do the Fashion District next and put her here and that’s what these two talked about on the phone. *laughing* I can dream!

I had Reese tip Kristen 20 simoleons. Then he autonomously tipped 10 more. I guess 20 wasn’t enough. “Sorry, Reese! I’ll do better next time!”

When Kristen was done playing, her and Reese started up a conversation. Not only did these two become Friends, Reese has a sentiment about Kristen (which you can find out in the Profiles at the end).

Reese has learned the following traits about Kristen:

  • Glutton

Reese’s Fun Need was in the orange and his demeanor started to show it, so he was sent inside the karaoke bar. There was a woman at the karaoke machine singing to some type of hip-hop song. The music video was going on behind her with the lyrics. We find out her name is Elizabeth Landers. Reese is enjoying the music and his Fun Need is moved up a little but is still in the orange.

Elizabeth Landers is created by Sims player, vanpelt81. vanpelt81 likes to creates unique and individualistic Sims for contests and challenges by other Sims writers.

Reese gives it a go at the karaoke machine. He is enjoying himself and his Fun Need goes from orange to yellow. When he is done with his song, his Energy Need is in the orange, though.

Reese finds a bench to take a small nap on. This looks uncomfortable in itself. The one who performed at the karaoke machine before him, Elizabeth, is standing off in the distance watching him sleep. That seems a little creepy to me. Maybe she was watching him perform and enjoyed it.

Reese wakes up autonomously around 2:00pm.  He had about a 2 hour nap. His Energy Need is in the yellow, but he’s awake enough to do more sight seeing in the Fashion District.

Ukupanipo and Eliza have opened food carts in the courtyard. I wonder if Ukupanipo would remember Reese for trying to haggle some fruit. Maybe Reese will go to Eliza again to grab something for lunch. He ordered basic Ramen. Nothing fancy looking for today. He needs to order one more time from a food stall as part of his first Milestone.

Looks like Reese is having a bit of trouble with those chopsticks. He should eat more chopsticks foods, like Ramen to develop that finger dexterity.

I don’t think the game realizes that is exactly what he is eating.

There was a disruption of noise. Brings back the memory of Raj and all his music this morning in-game. Reese needs to go check it out. Looks like there is a protest happening. Three female Sims chanting while waving signs in the air. So much noise!

Reese goes back to the Karaoke Bar and orders himself a drink. He needs one.

Reese does a Friendly Introduction to the woman sitting next to him, L. Faba. Obviously he wants to Get to Know her as well. He’s met some really interesting Sims thus far. However, she wasn’t feeling it on letting him know that much about her.

He’s also completed this portion of the first Milestone of his Aspiration. He’s close to completion and moving on to the second Milestone of the City Native Aspiration.

His Bladder Need going into the yellow interrupted his conversation. Afterwards, L had left, so Reese decided to go back to his apartment. The protesters were still out chanting and he’s had enough of that noise. Frankly, I was hoping Elizabeth was still around or Kristen. But both were not there.

Back at his apartment, Reese needed another nap as his Energy Need fell back into the orange. This looks a little more comfortable than the bench from earlier.

Later than evening, I had Reese go over to Mandy’s apartment. Now that they were not just neighbors, but also friends, it was time to let Mandy have a key to his apartment in case things needed to be cared for. This is not only part of his Milestone Aspiration, but Reese also had a whim to Give Apartment Key (From Apartment Living).

Besides his noisy neighbor early in the morning, Reese had a pretty wonderful day and I’m sure he’s happy to update his Social Media Profile and let everyone know about. I hope he leaves Raj out of it, but Reese will be Reese and probably add something since he booed and laughed at that living statue.

Reese’s Social Media Status has been updated. Rejoice in knowing that you gained 20 Followers. Reese now has 95 Followers in total.



Charisma (2/10)
Comedy (2/10)
Cooking (2/10)
Handiness (3/10)
Singing (1/10)


New & Updated Relationship Profile(s)

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4 thoughts on “1.07: Fashion District”

  • Arguing with Raj made me laugh. I would be ticked too. Sleep = life.

    Also huzzah for one of VanPelt’s Sims. I always love to see the unique Sims VP creates! Was Elizabeth carrying an ice cream while in the background while Reese napped? Looks like she is carrying a cone.

    Eliza Pancakes as a vendor amused me. I do know people who eat ramen with chopsticks. It’s tricky I imagine.

    What were the ladies protesting?

    • Reese vs Raj was funny. When Reese got whims to be mean, I had to have him act upon them. It was only natural.

      I really like VanPelt’s Sims. I wish Elizabeth stuck around more so I could have had Reese interact with her. Hopefully there’s still time. I think that was a drink she was holding while eyeing Reese sleeping.

      Eliza Pancakes cracked me up as well as one of the food cart vendors. Probably encouraged by her husband.

      Edit: I have no idea what the protest was about. I didn’t have Reese stick around to find out.

  • Oh gee Reese and Raj arguing and Reese getting mad at Raj. And poor Reese paid for his sleep disturbance throughout the day sleeping anywhere and everywhere. And then having to deal with protestors. lol Noise! So much noise! Reese….you live in the city…there’s noise there. lol I think Reese might be a country boy at heart. hehehe Oh things are looking good with Kristen, friends and a sentiment. He rounds out the day eating ramen and then giving Mandy an apartment key. Nice.

    • Yeah, poor Reese started out with a bad morning, but ended it pretty nicely. You might be right about the country boy thing. He’s going to be running into a lot more “noise”. I hope he’s up to it.

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