1.06: Spice Market

I’m happy to say that the gremlins have left Reese alone for over 24 hours. Of course, I probably just jinxed him now. Anyway, he wakes up a little after 6am with his Hunger Need in the yellow. Guess this means it’s time for breakfast. Reese is going for a fruit salad breakfast this morning.

Attempt number two on calling into work stating he is going to work from home. Reese’s boss didn’t get that memo yesterday in-game time and called him stating he was late.

I think it worked this time as his work panel has two new objectives and they are under the Work from Home Assignment section. He needs to Update Social Network Profile 2 Times and Get to Know Sims in the Spice Market. I was going to have Reese visit the Fashion District, but we’ll do some work assignments for now. Make the boss a little happier so Reese doesn’t get fired.

So, Reese will venture in his home area within the Spice Market. The Waterside Warble Karaoke Bar is most likely the hot spot when the spice festival isn’t running.

The first Sim he runs into he wants to talk about art. “This is the wrong area for that, Reese. You’re not in the Arts Quarter today, you know that.” Her name is Anaya Jang. Reese and Anaya talk for about 30 in-game minutes before she leaves. I am really liking to just have Reese autonomously talk until something happens where the other Sim leaves or Reese has to take care of some Needs.

I actually wanted to do the Get to Know on Anaya, but she left too quickly. Reese heads inside the bar. It’s a bit early for any good action. Way too early as it’s not even noon yet. So, he hangs out at the bar counter.

Reese found himself sitting next to two other beautiful Sims and a good looking Mixologist. Hopefully he can Get to Know them. The two sitting next to him names are Hinata Nakagawa and Chihiro Matsumoto. What weird names. The Mixologist’s name is Jane Plainsfield. A plain Jane. Easier to pronounce as well.

After doing his Friendly Introduction on all three, Chihiro decides it was time for her to go. She had a pillow thought bubble, so maybe she was tired. Perhaps she pulled an all nighter. Reese wasn’t able to Get to Know her, unfortunately. The two left were redheads. And they both were nice enough to share about themselves with Reese.

Reese has learned the following traits about Hinata:

  • Self-Assured

Reese has learned the following traits about Jane:

  • Insider

Jane Plainsfield is a Sim created by livinasimminlife. livinasimminlife has created her own Sims universe with its own lore and all the glamour that comes with it. My simself character hooked up with her simself character in one of her stories. She likes to do what I do and let the autonomy of the game tell its story and that is pretty much how the two Sims ended up with each other. You can find many of her stories on The Sims Forums.

Sims would come asking for a drink from Jane and then wander off. Reese continued having a conversation with her autonomously. It was a good 2 hours in-game time when finally another Sims sat down for which Reese acknowledged. The ever popular, Marcus Flex.

Reese has learned the following traits about Marcus:

  • Bro

Reese finally had to use the bathroom as his Bladder Need turned yellow. Afterwards, I thought it would be fun for him to stroll the streets. There was a living statue outside across from the bar. I had Reese go check it out, but I think he ends up “booing” her. “That’s rude, Reese!” Then he laughs. What manners. I didn’t think Reese was that type.

Then Reese finally started enjoying it. Because of his not so nice behavior while booing and laughing at her, I had him give her a tip.

Unlocked Living Statue Outfits

As a reward for your generous tip, you have unlocked metallic face paint, a hat, and a full body outfit for both a cowboy and an astronaut. Wearing all three pieces for either costume will give your Sim the self-interaction to Busk for Tips!

Maybe Reese will have to try it out sometime. If he gets booed at or laughed upon, then he’ll know how she felt. But he could also make some good tips.

When Reese heads back to the bar, two new whims pop up. One in particular has to do with an apartment neighbor of his. He wants to Cloudgaze with Mandy Trammell (From Being Near a Friendly Relationship). She’s the only one so far who he’s gotten to know with all three traits. And she shares the Creative one with Reese.

I have him call her up and Invite to Hangout at Current Lot

Mandy arrived in an Angry mood. I know it wasn’t something Reese said or did because she was already angry when she came on the lot. Maybe cloudgazing will take some of that anger away. Reese is also starting to get tired as his Energy Need is in the yellow. Her mood changes to Inspired. So does Reese’s. Good for these two. They end up becoming Friends after this.

As it’s starting to get dark out, there’s no sense in cloudgazing anymore. Reese’s other whim is to Perform a Social Media Activity (From Charisma Skill). Plus his boss wants him to work on his Social Network Profile. The whim requires a computer, so back to the Willow Creek Archive Library after all.

Social Media Status? Updated! Who cares? Looks like 20 new Followers care. Nice! Reese has gained 20 Followers. He now has 75 Followers in total.

Back at his apartment, Reese makes dinner. After, he has a whim to Chat with Someone (From Outgoing Trait). It’ll be good to chat with Kristen Plum from the Arts Quarter yesterday in-game. As he’s also really tired now with his Energy Need in the orange, maybe this will be a have a good night and was nice meeting you yesterday call.



Charisma (2/10)
Comedy (1/10)
Cooking (2/10)
Handiness (3/10)


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8 thoughts on “1.06: Spice Market”

  • So sweet of him to call Kristen. I have to link one or both of the parts that she showed up in to my 100 plums story still. She called Tracy to talk and I thought it’d be cute to say that she had met someone at the art gallery and was talking about Reese to keep her sister updated on her life.
    Wonderful to see him meeting so many people and I hope he has fun busking when he does!

  • Thanks for featuring Jane, and for the shout-out! It was a fun surprise to see her.

    I didn’t know giving a tip to the living statue unlocks the outfit! 😮 I learned something new!

    • The gameplay thought she would fit well as a Mixologist. She looked good there. She was a good listener to all those who sat at her bar.

      I didn’t know about the outfit part either. I can’t wait for Reese to show off his living statue techniques. 😀

  • Glad that Reese actually got to work from home today. Hopefully his boss will be happy with his work. Great that he met more sims, and even had a whim for Many. And he unlocked the statue! Cool! Overall, I would say this was a great day for Reese.

    • I like when Sims have whims to do things with specific Sims. Makes it enjoyable rather than having to pick someone from their relationships.

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